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Settling in on the First Week of Classes

Time January 28th, 2016 in 2016 Spring, College Study Abroad, Ireland | 1 Comment by

Well the first week of classes is quickly come to a close.  I am really starting to find my way and settle in nicely.  I never thought I would actually say this, but I truly find all of my classes intriguing.  I am excited for what lies ahead academically.  In particular, I am excited for an Irish history class that I am taking which focuses on the Irish struggle for independence from Great Britain.  I have always been fascinated by my Irish culture and I couldn’t think of a better class to take while here in Limerick than that one.  In addition to this, I am very happy to be included as a Kemmy Business School student.  Kemmy Business School is one of the best in the country and it is an honor to have the opportunity to take classes and learn from some of the best professors.

On another note, I played my first competitive soccer match in a few years last night with Shannon Town A.F.C.; it was a blast.  I was so happy to be out on the pitch playing the game I love.  While I am here in Limerick, I will certainly be looking to fulfill some of my leisure time with this team.  It’s composed of men all ages, which is something new to me.  In fact, I happen to be on the younger side of the spectrum!  Nevertheless, I look forward to making the most of this opportunity!



Photos and Applause

Time June 2nd, 2014 in College Study Abroad | No Comments by

Week 13 of classes is upon us!

And by “classes” I mean one class. All of my lectures and tutorials ended last week, except for one class from which I just need to pick up some graded assignments – WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?!

Even on the last day of my classes, I learned something new. Or rather experienced something new.

After my last lab, my lab partners asked if we could all take a picture together with our lab assistant. What a great idea! I loved working with them this semester, and our lab assistant had been really helpful and patient with us (VERY patient!). I figured they suggested a picture because it was probably the last time they’d see me again (I hope not!!) and it was a good way to remember the semester. As we all left, I was planning on leaving last so I could say an extra thanks and goodbye to our lab assistant, since I was leaving the country and everything, but I wasn’t expecting Nora and Farra to do the same thing. It made me realize I’m not the only one who might never see that lab assistant or our other classmates in that lab again. That’s just how it works here – there’s a lot more students than I’m used to, so you cycle through a lot more faces. Back home, I can guess who will be in my project groups next year, because there’s only 21 of us. I’ve never had the urge to take a picture with my lab group, or even lab assistant, because I’d just see them the next day, and we probably have pictures together ALREADY of us doing other things outside of class.

Lab Group

A similar experience happened at the conclusion of one of my lectures last week. As the professor closed his presentation, the auditorium filled with applause. The students were all applauding our professor, which I’d never imagined doing before. But why not?!  One of the main reasons I chose to go to Bucknell was the close relationships I saw students share with their classmates and professors. Which I’m so thankful for! But, UNSW’s culture has made me re-check the amount of respect we show our professors at Bucknell. Our small classes might make it a bit awkward to start a round of applause at the end of the semester, but all of our professors deserve that amount of thanks (and more!).

So, I hope I haven’t made this sound too cheesy, but this is me sending out a round of applause – a standing ovation – to all of the teachers I’ve had in my life. At Windy Hill Elementary, Mutual Elementary, Southern Middle School, Calvert High School, Bucknell University, and University of New South Wales -THANK YOU!


10 survival strategies for the first week of classes abroad

Time August 5th, 2013 in College Study Abroad | No Comments by

New campus. New students. New professors. New subjects. New regulations. New languages.

All of the change associated with studying at a new school is enough to drive even the most competent student mad.

Here are a couple of tips I picked up from my experience of “syllabus week” at a foreign university.

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