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The Differences Between a British and American Concert

Time October 2nd, 2014 in First Generation Scholars | No Comments by


     Some people are obsessed with fashion and others will cry for days if their favorite sports team loses a game, but my favorite way to spend my time is going to concerts and music festivals. As a seasoned concert goer, I wanted to make an effort to see some of my favorite British musicians during my time abroad. Through the help of Craigslist, I lucked out and purchased face value tickets from a fellow fan to witness the sold out performance of Alt-J at London’s Alexandra Palace. The English indie quartet did not disappoint, incorporating songs from both their first album and their newly released sophomore album, This is All Yours. The songs blended seamlessly all while the band showered their fans with appreciation and thanks for supporting them at their home base. Although Alt-J’s performance was of course the highlight of the night, I was also amazed by the different mannerisms and customs that happened during the concert. There are three things that really stuck out to me that the English do a lot better than the United States when it comes to providing a fantastic overall concert experience.

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