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Tourism into the past

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Probably my favorite class I’ve taken here is Social History of Costa Rica. Our professor, Carlos, is brilliant and likely one of the premier scholars on the socioeconomic and political history of Central America.

He took us on a bus tour to travel back in time.

First, we went to La Basilica de Los Angeles, the same place I visited during El Día de la Virgen de los Angeles. It’s the most important church in Costa Rica.

Then, we checked out Guayabo National Monument, which is, for all intents and purposes, the Machu Pichu of Costa Rica. It’s the most important archaeological site in the country and the home of the remains of a pre-Columbian capital.

We also visited two churches. All that’s left of the first are ruins of the oldest church built in Costa Rica.

But the second is the oldest functioning church in the country.

We also checked out an incredible vista of the surrounding area.


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