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Snow Sports!

Time August 5th, 2016 in 2016 Fall, New Zealand | No Comments by

Last weekend, I went on a ski trip to Wanaka, which I had the opportunity to ski on a beautiful mountain for two full days.  Wanaka is about four hours north-west of Dunedin.   It’s safe to say that trip is one of the highlights of my study abroad experience so far.  Thinking back on it, that weekend was a trip of many “firsts”.  It was my first time skiing since my Freshman year of high school, but I was excited to get back on a mountain and try out the whole snow sport thing again.  It was my first time staying at a hostel, which was a really nice hostel.  The whole idea of hostels is fascinating to me.  It’s pretty much a community house that brings random people together who have similar interests and you live with them for a few days.  There was a map of the world in the lobby with push pins indicating which part of the world people who stayed there have come from. Running a hostel must be one of the coolest jobs to have because of all the people you meet, each with their own story.  I think I’ll add it to my list of possible retirement jobs (the other one being an airline steward). Read More »


Snow, Snow, Go Away

Time January 26th, 2011 in College Study Abroad | No Comments by

The countdown is now at two and a half weeks, and we are on the millionth snow fall of the 2010 -2011 winter season. I am NOT a fan of the cold weather, but at school it never really seemed so bad. I was talking to one of my best friends from Lehigh this morning who is at school, and she was telling me that a bunch of my friends are going sledding this afternoon. I wish I could go sledding with them!

Instead I’m in New Jersey, completely snowed in. Today is my day off from work and I had a day full of errands planned. I wanted to order Australian Dollars, do some summer clothes shopping, go to the gym (bathing suit weather in less than three weeks?! Uh oh…), and so much more. But I’m still managing to be productive! I’m reading my IFSA-Butler brochures, making to-do and packing lists, thinking about budgeting while I’m abroad, and actually cleaning my room a little. Not too bad for a snow day!

That’s all for now. Unfortunately, working two jobs doesn’t make for a very exciting life (but it does make for a lot of money!). At least I have so much to look forward to in just a few weeks!


Can´t believe it´s been two weeks already

Time August 6th, 2010 in College Study Abroad | No Comments by

Hi everyone,

For anyone who speaks Spanish, Mendoza is the place to be (sorry Buenos Aires). It is beautiful here. The mountains are like a picture postcard. It´s been cold lately. They say below zero, but in Fahrenheit its only about 30 degrees. However, it was snowing yesterday and is supposed to snow again today. I never thought I´d see snow in August, but there it was. There is a lot more snow in the mountains than down here in the city where it hasn´t yet stuck to the ground.

I finally figured out how to upload photos here, so here are some photos of my first weekend here with my host family. We went on a little family trip to the mountains; my host mom, sister, older sister that doesn´t live with us, her husband and their daughter, who´s three.

My host family at our picnic at the Old Manzano

This is my two host sisters and my cuñado.

my host sister and I

My host sister Vicky and me in the nieve!

beautiful view of the mountains

The view of the mountains as we drove through.

sunset and moonrise in the farmlands

As we drove home, the moon was rising just as the sun was setting with bodegas, and fruit trees all around us.

It has been an excellent first two weeks in Argentina.