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My Pride & Prejudice

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If you know me, you know I’m a huge fan of Jane Austen. Which means you can quickly deduce that I’m a bit of a romantic. I’m currently rereading Pride & Prejudice, and I just picked up the movie for $4.50…it’s been my favorite movie for years, but I’m too much of a tight-wad to spend $10 on a movie, so I’ve been looking to find it on sale for a long time. And I finally did! Yay…….until I put it in my laptop and find out that apparently DVD’s are coded with the country they are sold in. At first it wouldn’t play, because it said I wasn’t allowed to play it in my region. Ok, bought it in the UK, I’m in the UK…but obviously my computer must still be set to the US. So I changed it to default to UK. Ok, good, temporarily fixed. But, I can only change that setting on my laptop 4 times, and regular DVD players in the US might not play it. Big bummer…but at least I have it to watch while I’m here. I might just leave it with a friend when I go back and continue my search for one on sale back home.

Ok, so enough about my experience with DVD’s and back to the purpose of the post. For those of you who aren’t Pride & Prejudice fans, sorry, this post is a bit themed. I love the 2005 version of the movie (and yes, for those who know there is a difference between the US ending and other countries, I love the romantic US one :0). So my goal is to visit as many of the houses that were used to in the film as I can. I thankfully found a blog ( that describes each of them.

Longbourn: The home of the Bennet family


I would love to live here! It’s not nearly as large & stately as the other manors in the movie, but it seems like a house you could actually live in! The actual house is Groombridge Place in the county of Kent, which is southeast of London and borders the sea. Who wouldn’t want a beautiful, 300 year home surrounded by a moat? Sounds dreamy to me!

Rosings: the home of Lady Catherine de Bourgh, aunt of Darcy


The home of Lady Catherine is definitely one of pomp and not such a welcoming place. But still, it’s history and overall splendor make it appealing. It was played by Burghley House in Lincolnshire, which is a county that borders York and is only 2 hours southeast of Leeds.

Netherfield: the home rented by Bingley in the neighborhood of the Bennets


I didn’t realize that huge estates could be rented, but that is precisely what Bingley was doing until he decided upon one to permanently live in. Netherfield was played by Basildon Park in Berskshire, which is just west of London.

Pemberley (inside): Darcy’s estate

Pemberley (inside)

The manor they used to film the outside of Pemberley is such an iconic estate that it was difficult to spend much time filming there, so they did most of the interior shots at another location. For most of the scenes, the inside of Pemberley was played by Wilton House in Salisbury, which is southwest of London.

Pemberley: the estate of Darcy


Darcy’s home is definitely the most breathtaking of all the large estates in the movie. The exterior shots, and some of the interior (such as the art collection of statues), were all shot at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, which is a little over an hour south of Leeds. Derbyshire is where Jane Austen said Darcy lived, and many suppose Chatsworth was the actual estate she modeled Pemberley after.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to see all of them…but I definitely want to go to at least a few! Not to mention Jane Austen’s Home, which has been turned into a museum for her. All in all, I feel so blessed to be in a country that has been the source of my inspiration and dreams for so long!