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Not So Automatic Doors and Turkeys: Daily life in Brisbane

Time August 8th, 2016 in 2016 Fall, Australia | No Comments by

The past couple of weeks has been a whirlwind of learning about Brisbane and also myself. While walking the streets of South Bank or even running to a class I have found a multitude of differences between daily life back in America and everyday life here. So, here are the top six differences I have encountered while living in Brisbane.

1. Some sayings or greetings are confusing. “How are you going” and “what are you after” mean “how are you today” and “what would you like” not how are you getting to a particular place nor what are your goals in life. The confusion is real when you are standing in line to order food, and they ask “what are you after?” and you stare at them contemplating whether to disregard the question and just order fries or whether they want to know what you are after in life…”um, like my life goals?” Note to everyone everywhere, just order the fries.

2. Some doors are NOT automatic. Picture Allison and I standing in front of our apartment buildings door, waiting for it to open, until after about two minuets of walking up to it and then walking away, as well as some arm waving, someone reminds us we have to press a green button for it to open. It looks automatic. It works like an automatic door. We are lazy. The door should just open. Even worse we tried to get off the train and held up an entire car waiting for the doors to open by themselves (like normal trains do) until someone politely told us to press a button to open it. I mean try playing that off, “no I know I was just looking out the window, building the suspense…” Read More »