COVID-19 March 12

IFSA Europe, U.K., and Israel Programs Close Early, All Other Programs to Continue

We have made the measured decision to close our programs in Europe, to include the United Kingdom and Ireland effective Sunday, March 15. Additionally, we will close our programs in Israel, effective Friday, March 20. These decisions were based on many factors, to include:

  • Centers for Disease Control (CDC) travel watch to a level 3 for Europe.
  • A U.S. State Department global health travel advisory at level 3.
  • The continued evolution of U.S. and foreign government actions and travel restrictions that may complicate students’ return home.
  • The risk management policies and priorities of our valued partners.

As of today, our programs in Australia, New Zealand, India, and Latin America will continue to operate; however, we will facilitate early departures as needed and requested. We understand that each family and institution have different tolerance levels for responding to the minute-to-minute changes in COVID-19 cases in the countries in which we operate. We want to respect these differences and support our students and families in their decision-making process.

Key Dates

  • IFSA will close our operations in Europe and the U.K. effective Sunday, March 15. Students will be asked to coordinate travel home immediately and notify IFSA onsite staff of those plans.
  • IFSA will close our operations in Israel effective Friday, March 20. Students will be asked to coordinate travel home immediately and notify IFSA onsite staff of those plans.
  • IFSA student insurance through CISI will terminate at midnight on the date of the student’s departure home.

Academic Implications

IFSA is working with our host institution partners around the world to allow students the opportunity to continue their academic coursework remotely where possible. Students studying in Barcelona, Prague, Jerusalem, and Rome will continue classes remotely. In all cases, we are working with students to support them in securing academic credit for the work they have completed.


We are actively evaluating whether we can recover a portion of unused costs in order to refund students or institutions as appropriate; however, due to the timing of this event and the nature of our obligations to overseas partners, costs may not be recoverable.

IFSA’s primary goal is to keep our students, staff, and host communities as safe as possible. Thank you for your support during these challenging times.