COVID-19 March 13

Online Course Update for Argentina, Chile, and Peru

Currently, we are continuing our onsite operations in Argentina, Chile, and Peru. However, we recognize that this situation is continuously evolving and that an individual’s risk calculus or requirements of a partner institution may lead students to depart early.

  • For students who depart early, IFSA is working to develop an online option for IFSA sponsored program classes. Student choices will be limited, but we will offer at least 12 credits online.
  • Online classes will begin on 25 March.


We are committed to returning recoverable costs to students or institutions as appropriate. Once we have an opportunity to thoroughly evaluate the recoverable costs for your program, we will notify you.


To be able to respond to you in a timely manner, we recommend the following:

  • Students communicate directly with local IFSA staff and home schools for guidance on continuing the program.
  • Parents review Student Life & Wellness team emails and our FAQs and updates on the website at
  • Advisors reach out to their IFSA Field Director if they have additional questions. We will continue to send email updates with additional resources on our website.


IFSA’s primary goal is to keep our students, staff, and host communities as safe as possible. Thank you for your support during these challenging times.