COVID Australia Partner Updates

Australia Partner Updates

These details are frequently changing. We will update information as we receive it.

Griffith University

All Griffith University campuses are currently open and operating as usual. As of March 19, Griffith has suspended all lectures with more than 100 students. All lectures will be delivered online after March 20. Griffith University has a list of 100-plus popular classes that can be accessed in an online format and IFSA students are encouraged to discuss these options with the IFSA Australia team.

The university has convened a specialist team to manage its response to the virus. The group is monitoring the situation closely, following the advice of Queensland Health and the Federal Department of Health and planning for a range of scenarios should the virus directly impact any of the campuses. For more information and updates, please visit the Griffith University website.

Griffith has created the No Grade Associated (NOG) grade for terms impacted by the pandemic. The NOG will replace the traditional fail grades. IFSA will convert NOG to F’s on Butler University transcripts.

James Cook University

On-campus teaching at James Cook University is paused from March 23- 27, 2020. Beginning Monday, April 6 all lectures, seminars, tutorials, workshops, labs, and practicals will be available online, when possible. Some essential knowledge and skills cannot be delivered online, but programs will be adjusted to ensure students meet all subject and course requirements prior to graduation.

Academic staff is developing materials including written material, online lectures, and collaborate sessions to ensure students can continue their studies with confidence. If the teaching cannot be delivered online, arrangements will be made to complete the requirement in a way which complies with spacing and hygiene requirements. If your subject or course has a practical component your subject or placement coordinator will be able to discuss alternative arrangements with you.

All JCU academic transcripts will provide a statement verifying the results system used in this teaching period. Students enrolled in Level 1 and 2 subjects will receive a grade of Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory, and those enrolled in Level 3, 4 or 5 subjects will receive a result based on the standard result system. Satisfactory (a passing level in an ungraded subject) equates to at least 50% at JCU/at least a “C” for IFSA. Students can apply for a formal Letter of Advice to accompany transcripts that would reflect the letter grade that would have been earned if a GPA grading system were to have been applied.

Students are encouraged to regularly check LearnJCU for details specifically related to their course and subjects.

For more information, please visit the JCU dedicated Coronavirus webpage

Macquarie University

Macquarie University has decided to make a substantial move toward online learning to support ongoing study. All teaching is currently paused until March 27 as the university transitions to online delivery. Teaching will resume on March 30 with most classes being offered online with a few exceptions listed on the Macquarie Coronavirus dedicated website.

Monash University

Monash University introduced a flexible semester one model with the first half of the semester delivered remotely for some units. They are also working with affected students individually to determine a personalized study plan. For more information, please visit their dedicated website

University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is making course content available online. As of March 17, all face-to-face lectures and classes with more than 500 students are being recorded and can be accessed online. Other lectures and classes with more than 25 students will transition to online delivery by March 23, and interactive seminars with more than 25 students by March 30.

For now tutorials with up to 25 students and specialist teaching and learning sessions will continue in-person as planned. Students are encouraged to reach out to their tutorial leaders for information about participating remotely.

The mid-semester break will be extended and will now take place from April 6-19.

Non-essential gatherings such as graduation ceremonies and social events are cancelled. As March 17, non-essential public spaces such as galleries and MUSport facilities are closed.

The university currently remains open. For more information, visit the university website

University of New South Wales

UNSW is working with their academic faculties to determine which courses can be completed remotely and have decisions for many, but not all courses. Some students are enrolled in courses that already offer web streams. If a student is currently in the face-to-face stream, UNSW can request that they are changed to the web stream, which will allow for to remote access. Please note though that these courses may still have in-person tutorial/labs/seminars that cannot be accessed remotely.

Additionally, many courses at UNSW have recorded lectures through Echo 360. Students who return home but continue with their enrollment should be able to access these recordings, but again, this does not include tutorials/labs/seminars.

Many UNSW courses include group work, which may or may not be possible to continue remotely, depending on the situation and the subject matter. In most cases, UNSW will allow proctored examination for students who return early and they will contact students with additional information as this becomes available. It may not work for courses that require in-person components like labs.

If a student wishes to do change to remote learning, they should email UNSW Study Abroad Inquiries to see if they have information about their specific course(s). If they do not yet have information about a course, they will contact the faculty again, but they also advise the student to contact their course convenor to see what remote options may be available. Students should apply for Special Consideration through MyUNSW for each course taken remotely.

UNSW has confirmed that several courses will be changing to a Pass/Fail only result. UNSW has prepared an FAQ page on its website about these changes. A Pass (a passing level in an ungraded subject) equates to at least 50% at UNSW/at least a “C” for IFSA. The UNSW official transcripts for these courses will show a SY for passed courses. Any courses Failed will not appear on the transcript. For study abroad students who need a grade, UNSW will provide a supplementary letter which lists the students numeric grade for courses that have a Pass/Fail grade on their transcripts. This will include the grade for any failed courses. Students who need the supplementary grades should email UNSW Study Abroad Inquiries at with: Full Name; UNSW Student Number; Courses for which a supplementary letter is needed. 

For more information, please visit the UNSW website

University of Queensland

Queensland has moved all teaching activities online for Semester 1 beginning March 23, 2020. All learning experiences – lectures, seminars, tutorials, labs and practicals – will be available online where possible. Student support services will also be available online.

IFSA students should check their Blackboard sites and their UQ email for changes. All courses will run as previously scheduled unless advised by your course coordinators. Course coordinators are reviewing assessment. For courses that are delivered fully online, there will be no requirement to attend campus for assessment in Semester 1. Please check your course Blackboard site for details. Your Electronic Course Profile (ECP) will be revised and your course coordinator will let you know when this is available. Students should visit the online readiness checklist.

With the pause in teaching this week, additional time for teaching and learning activities has been scheduled at the end of the semester. This will result in a change to examinations. The Queensland Calendar has been updated to reflect the new dates.

Please visit the University of Queensland COVID-19 webpage.

University of Sydney

Starting on March 23, the majority of University of Sydney classes will be delivered online. Some clinical- and workshop-based classes cannot go remote and are listed on the University of Sydney COVID-19 update webpage.

IFSA students should monitor their University of Sydney Canvas account and will be updated with details about the online arrangements for their course. More information can be found at the university’s website. 

IFSA students who were on the USYD Early Start/Early Depart program should note that the final examination period has changed. As students have the option to return home and complete all Semester 1 units and exams remotely, the university will not proctor early examinations the weekend of May 30-31, 2020. Early Start/Early Depart students will be expected to take the regularly scheduled exams online during the Semester 1 2020 exam period, June 9-20, 2020. The university does not expect this to cause significant disruption as most students have no more than two exams and the average exam duration is two to three hours.

University of Technology, Sydney

UTS is teaching the majority of their classes online as of Tuesday, March 24. Students should monitor Blackboard/Canvas and UTS email for specifications for their individual courses. IFSA students are required by UTS to maintain 18 UTS Credits (12 U.S. semester credit hours) minimum enrollment to maintain their student status as dictated by the Australian student visa.

Please visit the University of Technology, Sydney COVID-19 webpage.

University of Wollongong

At the University of Wollongong, remote delivery of courses via online platforms has been implemented wherever practicable, with technology solutions developed and deployed. Additional training has been provided for staff so that they can deliver teaching and enable student success. Options for alternative assessment methods are also being developed where feasible. More information can be found on the university’s dedicated COVID website