COVID Latin America Partner Updates

Latin America Online Class Options

To address the academic needs of IFSA students who have departed Latin America due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, IFSA is offering online classes via our Buenos Aires, Argentina Global Flagship. These options will be available to students who departed Buenos Aires, as well as IFSA students who departed other IFSA programs in Latin America.

The following IFSA taught classes will begin online delivery on or after March 30, for students who have departed our programs in Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica (if needed), Cuba, Peru. IFSA uses CANVAS as the platform for online classes. All classes are worth 3 U.S. semester credits hours.

Classes Taught in Spanish (Broadcast from Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  • Advanced Spanish and Argentine Culture
  • Art and Politics in Contemporary Argentina
  • Beginning Spanish 1
  • Beginning Spanish 2
  • Diversity, Minorities and Gender in Argentina
  • Human Rights in Argentina
  • Introduction to Contemporary Argentine Film
  • Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
  • Introduction to Spanish Translation
  • Peronist Argentina
  • Topics in Contemporary Argentine Literature

Classes Taught in English (Broadcast from Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  • Exploring Community & Culture in a Global Context
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Multicultural Psychology

Students were sent a Qualtrics survey on March 18 inviting them to re-register for Spring 2020 online classes by March 22. We expect to accommodate students who need 15 credits, but IFSA will first prioritize enrollment of all students to reach 12 credits. Students were asked about their needs on the Qualtrics survey and had an opportunity to select alternate/back-up classes.

Important Deadlines

Important deadlines for the Buenos Aires online taught classes:

  • First Day of Classes  – Monday, March 30, 2020 (changed from March 23, 2020)
  • Add/Drop Deadline – Friday, April 3, 2020
  • Last Day to Withdraw – Friday, May 15, 2020
  • Last Day of Classes – Friday, June 12, 2020

Academic Options by Country


Argentine Universities Partnership

IFSA students will choose four or five classes from the IFSA Buenos Aires online offerings. However, students who enrolled on-site in online classes with the Universidad Torcuato de Tella before March 18 have the option to continue their university-taught courses.

Psychology in English Program

Students will take the following four classes—the only options for non-Spanish speakers—for 12 credits:

    • Beginning Spanish 1 / Beginning Spanish 2
    • Clinical Psychology
    • Exploring Community & Culture in a Global Context
    • Multicultural Psychology


Chilean Universities Partnership, Santiago

Students will take the following two classes taught remotely from Santiago:

    • Advanced Spanish and Academic Writing (4 credits)
    • Directed Research (6 credits)

Then, they will choose one or two classes from the IFSA Buenos Aires online offering.

Chilean Universities Partnership, Valparaíso

Students will take the following two classes taught remotely from Valparaíso:

    • Advanced Oral and Written Spanish (3 credits)
    • Sociopolitical History of Latin America (3 credits)

Students will choose up to three classes delivered remotely by the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Valparaíso (PUCV). Those who cannot identify appropriate classes will have the option to enroll in one or two classes from the IFSA Buenos Aires online offering.

Costa Rica

Universidad Nacional Partnership

Students must maintain at least 12 credits taken remotely through Universidad Nacional and/or through the IFSA Buenos Aires online offering. While most students will take all 12 credits (four or five classes) through UNA, the university will now consider requests from students, on a case-by-case basis, to drop below 12 credit hours of UNA classes, provided students enroll in additional credit hours via IFSA online classes to maintain full-time status. Students should contact their IFSA program staff if interested in this option.


Universidad de La Habana Partnership

Universidad de la Habana has confirmed that it will grant partial credit of up to 8 credits for the class components that were completed by IFSA students prior to program closure. Those who need additional credits may choose two or three classes from the IFSA Buenos Aires online offering.


Mérida Universities Program

Universidada Autonoma del Yucatan has suspended in-person classes beginning March 23. Our on-site resident staff are working with the university to allow IFSA students the option for remote completion or alternate assignments in the case of field work. Please visit the UADY COVID-19 webpage.  

Universidad Modelo faculty will work with students individually to maintain their academic credit. All students have been informed via email from IFSA of the procedure for completing Modelo courses remotely. Students should contact their specific faculty for remote coursework procedures. Faculty will be sending remote tasks and assignments which students will submit online.

IFSA taught classes in Mérida will be completed remotely. Mérida students will not access the IFSA classes offered online via Buenos Aires


Pontificia Universidad Cathólica del Perú Partnership

Students will take the following two classes taught remotely from Lima:

    • Advanced Academic Writing and Peruvian Culture (4 credits)
    • Peruvian Social Reality (4 credits)

Then, they will choose two or three classes from the IFSA Buenos Aires online offering.