COVID New Zealand Partner Updates

New Zealand Partner Updates

These details are frequently changing. We will update information as we receive it.

University of Auckland

The University of Auckland has moved to remote teaching and all lectures will be recorded and available online, or via live-streaming. Instructors will communicate with students through the Canvas website. The university has a dedicated webpage to support students in a remote learning environment. Students should visit thissite if they have questions on remote learning and amended exams. They can also contact their course coordinator directly for details.

To accommodate the non-teaching week at the end of March, Semester 1 will now finish on July 6.

There will be no on-site tests or examinations in Semester 1. These will be replaced by “take home,” off-site assessment exercises which will be open for 24 hours to allow for variable quality internet access, students outside New Zealand who will be in different time zones, and those sitting under special conditions. Exercises that replace examinations will be held during the examination period under the same timing conditions and will be time-tabled centrally to minimize the risk of schedule crowding on student programs. The 24-hour timing condition means that students have the entire 24 hours in which to complete the assessment. The 24-hour test and examination window will accommodate students who are usually granted additional time to complete a test or examination.

Please visit the University of Auckland COVID-19 webpage.  

University of Canterbury

The University of Canterbury mid-semester break started on March 24, a week earlier than planned. Term two ( which is the second half of Canterbury Semester 1, after the mid-semester break) will begin one week early, with online teaching commencing on April 20. Course content meant to be taught before the mid-semester break will be included in the second half of Semester 1. Teaching will be available online for all UC courses after the mid-semester break. Students should continue to monitor their Canterbury email address for updates.

Due to the challenges of this semester, D and E grades will not be issued for the Spring 2020 semester at UC. Any failing grade will be an F only. IFSA converts F grades from UC to F’s on Butler University transcripts.  

University of Otago

Effective March 23, all teaching has been suspended for the upcoming week at the University of Otago to allow academics and support staff to adapt and move classes online. The university had already begun the roll out of online delivery for the first group of classes on March 23. Otago will now fast-track their remaining plans so the majority of all papers are ready to be delivered online starting the week of March 30.

Teaching will resume on March 30. Some teaching may not be possible without face-to-face interaction and these classes are being reassessed by Otago staff who will update impacted students as soon as possible.

Please visit the University of Otago COVID-19 webpage.

Victoria University of Wellington

The Victoria University of Wellington is open as normal and is monitoring the Coronavirus situation in New Zealand via a campus pandemic plan. In the event of a university closure, they will move to remote teaching. Victoria University of Wellington has extended their course withdrawal date to March 31, allowing students to depart without academic penalty.