COVID Scotland Partner Updates

Scotland Partner Updates

These details are frequently changing. We will update information as we receive it.

Glasgow School of Art

IFSA remains in close contact with the Glasgow School of Art on ways we can support students remotely. Glasgow School of Art has physically closed as of March 17 to prevent the spread of the virus. Course delivery for study abroad students is to continue following the course content on campus. Once we have additional information from GSA on academic contingency plans, we will be sure to communicate this with students. In the meantime, students are asked to connect with IFSA on-site staff.

For first to third year undergraduate classes, work will be graded Pass/Fail. A Pass (a passing level in an ungraded subject) equates to at least D3 at GSA/at least a “C” for IFSA.

For more information on the GSA response, visit the GSA COVID-19 webpage

University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is transitioning to remote delivery of teaching starting March 23. Teaching the week of March 16 will be suspended, allowing staff to focus on the preparation of materials for remote delivery, but the content from that week will be provided once remote teaching commences.

Final examinations for the students’ courses will be cancelled (e.g. where the majority of course credits come from in-course assessment) or will be delivered remotely as open book or alternative assessments.

Students will continue to be matriculated at the university and will need to stay in touch with their lecturers and the university through their normal channels: University of Edinburgh email addresses and MyEd. Students who pass their assessments will receive their credits in the standard way and transcripts will be issued as normal.

The university has changed its assessments for many courses, and some courses are now operating on a pass/fail basis at the discretion of the staff in charge of each course. Students will have received emails relating to each of their courses, outlining what the assessment procedure is for each of them. Edinburgh asks that all students continue to check their emails for this information. Pass/Fail grading will be reflected on a transcript as Pass or Fail, without a number grade. A Pass (a passing level in an ungraded subject) equates to at least 40% at UED/at least a “C” for IFSA.

For more information, visit the University of Edinburgh COVID-19 webpage

University of Edinburgh Parliamentary Internship

Internship students completed their seminar coursework prior to departing Edinburgh and have been encouraged to continue to work remotely with their MSP/MSP office.

Students will complete their research projects remotely, submitting brief, weekly reports each Friday to Professor James Mitchell. The research project (2,500 words) should follow the same format as policy briefs (outlined in handbook received by each student at the start of the program) and submitted in the normal manner. These will be marked as usual, and all marks collated and forwarded as normal.  Unless there are further unforeseen challenges, grades for the internship experience will not be delayed.

Students with questions should reach out to Professor James Mitchell by email and cc: the Administrative Secretary Lee Corcoran on the email message.

University of Glasgow

Beginning March 16, all face-to-face teaching on campuses in Glasgow and Dumfries ended and course materials were placed online. The following week the university campus facilities closed with social distancing measures implemented in the country.

Given the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Glasgow decided the majority of level 1 and level 2 examinations would not go ahead in the forthcoming April/May assessment diet, nor at the August diet. Specifically for first and second year courses, a modified grading system is being used. Glasgow Letter grades will be awarded (A1 through D3) if at least 65% of coursework was completed. The designation of CA (“Credit Awarded”) at Glasgow, representing no detriment to the student due to less than 65% of coursework assessed or low marks on what was assessed will equate to a Pass at IFSA 

For more information, visit the University of Glasgow COVID-19 webpage.

University of St. Andrews

The University of St. Andrews has asked students if they are unable to return or do not want to return after spring break, the university will provide teaching and assessment for credit online. Students will be able to be taught, hand in assignments, be assessed and examined for credit online.

At this time, the university is not preparing to close. The University of St. Andrews will continue to deliver teaching and assessment for credit to the best of our ability, whether that is in classes, or remotely online.

University of Stirling

The University of Stirling will work to deliver module content online, as necessary, and this will enable students to complete the module content by the end of term on April 3. Students will continue to have access to Canvas and all relevant learning materials. If alternative assessments are required for students to complete the module, Stirling will communicate that in due course.

For first and second year modules where all elements of assessment will not take place (exams and final assessments cancelled), students will receive a pass/fail outcome, based on performance. A Pass (a passing level in an ungraded subject) equates to at least 40% at Stirling/at least a “C”  for IFSA.

For more information, visit the University of Stirling COVID-19 webpage.