Fill the GAP (Global Account Program)

About Fill the GAP

Get a head start on saving for study abroad! IFSA’s Fill the GAP (Global Account Program) allows students to begin saving for study abroad as early as their first semester in college. As a bonus, if you save early enough, we’ll reward you with a scholarship of up to $1,000 in matching funds!

Fill the GAP is a great way for friends and family to help you achieve your study abroad goals! Contact for more information.

Enrollment Deadlines

Be sure to complete your enrollment and begin saving early! Matching funds will be applied based on your account balance as of the following dates prior to your term abroad:

  • Spring/semester 1/calendar year match deadline: July 1
  • Fall/semester 2/academic year match deadline: January 1

Program Details

The funds and matching scholarship money can be applied toward the cost of any IFSA semester or year program. Summer students may also participate in Fill the GAP, but we do not offer a matching scholarship for summer programs. Friends and family can also contribute to the account.

The scholarship will be awarded based on what is received by IFSA as of the matching deadline: January 1 for fall and academic year programs, and July 1 for spring and calendar year programs. We set these deadlines early to encourage students to begin saving early for study abroad. Students can continue saving after the matching deadline.

Students interested in taking part in Fill the GAP must be enrolled at an accredited undergraduate institution and submit a pre-application, including their personal contact information, parent information and anticipated study abroad semester/year.

There is no limit to the amount of money that can be donated to the account.

Once a student has been accepted to an IFSA program, the GAP account, as well as the IFSA scholarship, will be applied in the following order:

  • Housing and meals
  • Housing supplemental (where applicable)
  • Account money may also apply to tuition in certain cases
  • Airfare reimbursement (airfare reimbursements and any remaining funds will be refunded after program fees have been paid and the student has registered for classes abroad)

Fill the GAP funds cannot be used for:

  • Program deposits
  • IFSA custom or partial-support programs

IFSA will create an account for each participant and will document the names of contributors and their donations. In the event that a student is unable to study abroad through IFSA, we will send a refund check to the student.

Enrollment Form

Download the Fill the GAP enrollment form. Once we receive your enrollment form, we’ll also send a study abroad fundraising toolkit with helpful tips on creative funding and savings opportunities.