IFSA Conference

IFSA Conference 2018

How Can Education Abroad Promote Lifelong Intercultural Agility?

Developing intercultural competence has long been associated as a key benefit to studying abroad. Likewise, study abroad alumni have anecdotally acknowledged the critical importance their experience played in developing skills and perspectives which transformed them into global citizens.

IFSA-Butler’s organizational commitment to intercultural agility is based on the premise that through the educational experience gained with us, students will cultivate intercultural skills that can be applied and adapted throughout their careers and lives.

Rather than a static intercultural experience, how can study abroad endeavors foster intercultural agility within future leaders? Where will the study abroad experience take students in the future? How will the intercultural skills students cultivate through study abroad participation yield transferable outcomes which go beyond the local study abroad term and fit into the global life experience?

Join us to be part of that discussion and contribute your rich interest and knowledge to this important topic.

What Advisors Are Saying

“I felt engaged from the moment the conference opened, but I felt most engaged during the workshops.”
—Stephanie Gulden, Dickinson College

“I loved the speakers most. They had done research to support their theories, and they were great speakers to boot. I got readings out of those sessions and a lot of ideas, and have just finished briefing my staff on the conference, so the learning continues! Thank you for setting it up so well.”
—Cathy Winnie, Southern Methodist University

“Great conference and excellent staff in place to help facilitate a positive experience. Thank you.”
—Sentwali Bakari, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs


July 25 – 27, 2018
The Alexander Hotel
Indianapolis, IN

Visit the hotel website to explore the hotel’s amenities and see its unique focus on art and design!

Registration opens in early March

Conference Schedule

(This is a tentative schedule and is subject to change.)

Wednesday, July 25

1:30 Conference begins
2:30 Welcome, Intercultural Agility Activity
5:00 Plenary Speaker: Dr. Leeva Chung
6:45 Dinner

Thursday, July 26

8:00 Breakfast
8:45 Workshop & EdTalk
10:30 Break
11:00 Workshop
12:15 Lunch
1:30 Lightning Round, IFSA Updates, & EdTalk
3:35 Break
4:00 Workshop
5:15 Optional Hotel Art Tour
7:00 Reception

Friday, July 27

8:00 Breakfast
8:45 Workshop
10:10 EdTalk
10:30 Coffee Break
10:45 Lightning Round
11:30 Intercultural Agility Debrief
12:30 Lunch and Departure

Call for Abstracts

Submit your Intercultural Agility presentation abstract to conferencesubmission@ifsa-butler.org. Abstracts should be received by March 2, 2018. We look forward to collaborating with you to make this IFSA-Butler Conference the best one yet!

Abstract Requirements: Maximum 300 words describing the scope of the topic you would like to contribute to the conference (self-nomination only, please). The selection committee will review all submissions and notify selected presenters in early spring 2018. Those selected may be paired with others to collaborate on similar topics.

If you prefer, indicate one of the following specific session types:

Lightning Round
One of the most celebrated components of the 2017 conference, these 30-minute sessions are just as the name connotes: quick, powerful, illuminating, and light a fire in participants to improve their practice.

Pushing beyond the traditional panel presentation, workshops will combine presenters with related topics to collaborate in a longer-format session for an interactive experience with participants.

These provocative 10-minute presentations address unique or challenging topics for consideration.

Submit by March 2, 2018