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We hope you’re excited to stay engaged with IFSA after your study abroad experience. Whether you’re interested in unpacking your time abroad, exploring new international opportunities, or encouraging others to have an international experience of their own, you’ll find many ways to do that right here.

Coming Home

It is very common to experience reverse culture shock and a mix of emotions surrounding your return to the U.S. or your home campus. Do you find yourself wishing you were still abroad? Do you miss the friends, family, adventure and lifestyle you left behind? Sometimes coming back home isn’t as easy as it sounds!

Tips for handling re-entry:

  • Journal, blog or reflect on your experience abroad and how you feel upon return.
  • Connect with other students returning from study abroad to share your experiences.
  • Engage with IFSA as an alumni blogger or Global Ambassador.
  • Volunteer or work with the study abroad office on your home campus.
  • Click here for additional tips on navigating reverse culture shock.

Study Abroad and Your Job Search

How do you incorporate a study abroad experience into a resume and cover letter? How do you weave it into an interview without telling long-winded stories? How do you make this significant experience relevant in your job search? Explore the following tips or click here for more ideas on how to leverage your study abroad experience.

Some tips:

Explain how your study abroad experience helped you develop skills that will transfer to your career, using descriptive words and terms:

  • Adaptable
  • Self-directed
  • Able to understand non-verbal cues
  • Empathetic
  • Responsive
  • Resourceful
  • Self-aware

Make the link between your study abroad experience and the position:

  • Match up your transferrable skills with the job qualifications and be prepared to highlight them in your resume and cover letter as well as during the interview process.
  • Make a note of your language proficiencies if applicable.
  • Be prepared to describe any directed research, internships, or volunteer activities in which you participated.
  • Describe your study abroad experience in ways the employer can relate to and understand.

Contests and Scholarships

  • Alumni photo/video/blog contests
  • Alumni scholarships
    • IFSA offers a $500 scholarship to repeat students who choose to study at one of our programs a second (or third!) time.
    • The Mike Owens Award
    • Re-entry Conference Scholarship

Stay Connected with IFSA

Global Ambassador Program

Did you study abroad with IFSA? Then we would love for you to apply to the Global Ambassador program! As an Ambassador, you will advocate for the merits of study abroad on your campus. You’re probably already planning on doing this, so this is a way to formalize—and get paid for—your encouragement of other students.


Meet with the IFSA field director in your region.

Join and participate in our Ambassador Group on Facebook.

Complete two projects (one campus project and one reflection project) during the course of the semester.


Engage with your peers, encouraging them to have the once-in-a-lifetime experience abroad that you had.

Gain valuable professional skills and add a leadership role to your resume.

Learn how to identify and communicate the value of your study abroad experience.

Receive a $200 stipend per semester.


To be eligible for the Global Ambassador program, you must:

  • Be a past participant of an IFSA program.
  • Be in good standing upon completion of your program.
  • Be currently enrolled as an undergraduate at your home campus.
  • Be capable of working independently. Possess strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Possess a high degree of enthusiasm about study abroad!

Apply today to be a Global Ambassador!

Connect with us on LinkedIn 

Network with other study abroad alumni and to make your professional profile more visible during your job search. Find us here.

Transcript Information

When you complete your IFSA program, you will receive a Butler University transcript with your credits abroad translated into the American credit system. Your home university registrar can then treat your credits abroad the same way as they would American transfer credits. Butler University will send an official transcript to your home institution and one to your permanent home address. Please note that Butler University cannot send a transcript to your school address.

If you have completed your study abroad program with IFSA and would like to update your permanent home address, please submit the Change of Address form to Abby Miller at

Your transcript will also include department codes for the courses at your host university. These are Butler University’s department codes, based on the academic department where the course was housed at your host institution abroad.

There is no need to order your initial two transcripts from Butler University; transcripts are part of the IFSA program and are always sent to each participant.

Need More Info?

For more information about when your transcript will be sent, how to order additional copies of your transcript, or requesting a rush copy of your transcript, visit the Transcripts page.

Academic Record Appeal

Students may appeal the content of their transcript according to the official procedures set by the host university and/or program ( IFSA Academic Appeal Terms of Use). Academic record appeals can be varied in nature, including grade appeals, credit appeals, courses missing from the transcript, course title, etc. Grades are an academic judgement; as such IFSA does not ask for academic work to be regraded. You must have reason to believe that an error has been made in calculating your grades to submit a valid appeal. The deadline for submitting these forms to the IFSA U.S. office is one year after the end of your program.

Complete the academic record appeal form and send any supporting documents (papers, reports, etc.) to the Academic Affairs department at IFSA. We will then send everything to your host university for review. Please allow six weeks to three months for resolution.

You must submit any appeal to IFSA promptly after receipt of the official transcript from Butler University. It is your responsibility to be aware of and meet the deadlines set by your host university. We will not pursue a grade or credit appeal for any class in which you have taken an early examination or have arranged to submit an essay or project in place of an exam.

The following criteria constitute a valid appeal:

  • You must have reason to believe that an error has been made in calculating your grade (e.g., work that you submitted was not received or an error was made in marking your final exam).
  • You can document grades that would add up to a grade other than what you received.
  • Due to medical reasons, you performed badly and gave relevant parties due notice of these reasons during the academic period for which an appeal is being made.

Keep in mind that an academic record appeal does not automatically mean a change in your favor and can result in either a raising or a lowering of your final grade.

IFSA also will investigate any anomalies in your credit load. Please notify our office if you believe your Butler University transcript reflects too many or too few credits.

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