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Future-focused Study Abroad

Study abroad has been identified by the National Survey on Student Engagement as a high-impact educational practice with the potential to drive academic and personal success. More than just a travel opportunity, study abroad fosters skills such as critical thinking, intercultural agility and language acquisition.

IFSA emphasizes the long-term applicability of skills, knowledge and perspectives gained during study abroad and strives to make the experience as personal and self-designed as possible. We take an evidence-based approach to the learning frameworks which underpin our programs, relying on research to ensure students’ long-term investment is maximized.


We take our role as educators seriously and consider ourselves a partner in your student’s success. Our Indianapolis-based team can help students with highly prescribed majors find specific courses abroad. Whether your student is an engineering major or has their sights set on journalism, with more than 100 programs we are sure to find one that supports your student’s goals. Notably, many of our programs offer global internships, directed research and other activities which support and impact your student’s future success.

To learn more about the many educational opportunities available, please visit our Build Your Experience page.

Health and Safety Abroad

We offer individualized support to students who may need it most. We are equipped to provide advising information on locations and institutions that can best accommodate those with physical, learning and mental-emotional needs on-site.

IFSA is recognized as a leader in education abroad for emergency response and crisis management. Our dedicated team works in conjunction with our staff in-country to effectively and efficiently handle any situation that might arise. We maintain comprehensive emergency plans for each location, and our staff is alerted when worldwide security events occur.

Please visit our Health and Safety page for comprehensive details on IFSA insurance, national insurance plans, our emergency support services, evacuation scenarios and IFSA’s initiatives to promote student health and safety abroad.

Reporting an Emergency

Our resident staff abroad always cover emergency procedures in detail with your student during orientation. Students receive a list of contact phone numbers and a 24/7 emergency number in case they have a medical or other emergency abroad.

During business hours (8am-5pm EST)

IFSA Office

After hours

Butler University Police Department
The Butler police will contact the appropriate IFSA employee to help with the emergency.

Financial Information

We believe that study abroad should be within the financial reach of every family. To assist with this, we offer scholarships and grants and help students utilize their federal financial aid for study abroad. For more details, visit our Afford Your Journey section.

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