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In Argentina, you’ll be immersed in a rich South American culture. You’ll find an amazing blend of cosmopolitan life and traditional Latin American culture in this large country. Argentina features breathtaking terrain – with mountains, lakes, and open land – as well as the lively atmosphere of its capital city, Buenos Aires, with its 19th century buildings and iconic balconied presidential palace.

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Enjoy Unique Ethnicity and Culture

Argentina is known for its varied and delicious culinary offerings including, of course, traditional Argentine beef. Some of Argentina’s greatest passions include tango, cinema and soccer football. Try them out! You’ll also experience the local culture through the many museums, opera and ballet that fill the city squares.

Study in a Big City

Study in Buenos Aires and experience big city living in the largest city of Argentina. Old world blends with new in this bustling metropolis. Experience the richness of Argentine culture and enhance your Spanish skills.

Be Socially Engaged

You’ll find a highly politicized and socially engaged society in Argentina, with an urban environment that promotes the acceptance of the LGBTQ community.

Appreciate the Outdoors

You may not realize that Argentina features all types of landscapes, including mountains, lakes and grazing grounds. You’ll get to experience and enjoy different climates all in one country. That also means plenty of opportunities for all kinds of outdoor activities like skiing, boating, kayaking – and more.

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