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Chile is a geographically diverse country with a wide variety of climates, landscapes and cultural opportunities. Along with its warm and welcoming people, Chile is known for its historic and scenic sites such as Easter Island (Rapa Nui), the historic wooden churches on the islands of Chiloe, and the Andes Mountains.
Chilean study abroad programs are offered in cities with universities with top tier academic offerings across many disciplines and solid infrastructure. More good news — Chile has the highest level of internet connectivity in Latin America.

Chile Locations:

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Live Like a Local

Culturally engaging homestays with Chilean families provide a great venue for exploring ¨inside¨ the country’s culture, practicing Spanish and becoming acquainted with locals – making it a perfect setting for total language immersion.

Be Adventurous

With its variety of ecosystems, climates and outdoor experiences, Chile is a top Latin American destination in adventure tourism. Experience the mountains, lakes, surf and dunes. Not feeling too adventurous? Don’t worry, there are experiences of different degrees of difficulty, so there’s something for everyone.

Have an Urban Experience

Consider studying in Valparaíso, a cultural capital with a large university population that’s still close to the beaches. A variety of internship and volunteer opportunities provide local cultural and civic engagement and help build your professional skills and intercultural competencies.
Or you can choose to study in Chile’s capital city, Santiago, also considered South America´s business capital. It offers a variety of cultural offerings (many free!), top universities and a modern subway system.

Visit Nearby Locales

Chile has a strong transportation system for traveling throughout the country, with well-established tourist services. You’ll also have easy access to destinations like Peru and Machu Picchu, Bolivia and Argentina. You can take advantage of a variety of travel opportunities to spectacular natural sites with air and land transportation connectivity at reasonable costs.

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