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With 25 percent of its land protected parkland, Costa Rica is known for its diverse scenery, political stability, and friendly people. Our programs are based in Heredia, a bustling suburb of San José filled with small neighborhoods, restaurants, plazas and universities. The excellent academic opportunities are close to ecologically diverse sites and beaches, charming Costa Rican villages, and more than 100 volcanic formations. Costa Rica is one of the most stable nations in Latin America and is even known as the “Switzerland of Latin America” since dismantling its army in 1948.

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Get a Stellar Education with Study Abroad in Costa Rica

Study What You Want

You’ll find a wide range of courses available at Universidad Nacional, including environmental studies, biology, international relations, math, economics, literature, teacher education courses and more. Choose the concentration in environmental studies to focus your studies and engage with an environmentally minded NGO in the area.

Make a Difference

Studying in Costa Rica offers opportunities for you to volunteer with many different environmental organizations. You might assist with recycling programs or examine community ecotourism and sustainable development. Or, you might assist a rural community to build an infrastructure to prepare for natural emergencies.

Live Like a Local and Make Friends

By studying in Costa Rica you’ll experience full immersion into its language and culture so you’ll make the most of your study abroad experience. Our alumni often report that the relationship they built with their host family is one of the program’s greatest advantages. You can also participate in the “Amigo Tico” (Costa Rican friend) or conservation partner programs to improve your Spanish and expand your network of friends.

Get There Easily

The Costa Rica program is one of our most affordable, with very low costs and easy access from the US. Take advantage of its proximity while immersing yourself in a completely different culture and ecosystem.

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