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The South American country of Ecuador balances its Spanish colonial history with modern sophistication, and it’s the ideal destination if you want to study abroad and make a meaningful, lasting impact. Our Rehearsing Change program is part of a greater plan for community development, empowering local communities, and educating global leaders. Local counterparts and international students learn together, studying development, sustainability, identity and globalization.

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Make a Global Impact

In Ecuador, you’ll become part of movement toward sustainable social change. You’ll learn about fair trade and globalization’s effects on Ecuador’s cultures and ecosystems and the impact of living with marginalized communities in fragile ecosystems.

Be Part of a Diverse Community

You’ll experience diverse cultural identities, including various indigenous nationalities, in Ecuador. The Rehearsing Change program allows you to travel to distinct regions of the country and live in different communities. You’ll be part of a intentional community focused on learning and growing together. International students and local community members come together in our program to live, study and work on projects.

See the Whole Country

In your free time, you can easily access the entire country of Ecuador. You can take advantage of fast, affordable travel to all regions, including the Amazon jungle, the Andean highlands, and the coast. 

Find Your Identity

By studying in Ecuador, you’ll learn about who you are and explore what you want to do with your life. Ecuador is a place that challenges your very identity and your sense of what you want to accomplish in your future.

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