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England offers an urban edge, small village life, and truly outstanding academics. While London is one of the largest cities in the world, England also features quaint countryside towns – and you’ll find top-ranked universities in both locales. You can explore seaside towns, ancient castles and city life in England. There, a truly multicultural society is brought to life by the cuisines and perspectives of its citizens from around the world.

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Make Global Connections

With around nine million inhabitants, London itself is a great study in globalization. Historical ties to fashion, banking, economy and government make this great city the perfect place to dive into your studies and establish connections through networking, internships and hands-on experiences. Within the mid-size and smaller cities outside of London, you’ll find students from every corner of the world. You can easily make lasting academic, personal and professional connections.

Appreciate Historic Sites

Ancient walls and castles, port towns, kings and queens, colonization, World Wars — England is historically rich and relevant. This history creates a sense of place in which you will be fully immersed. You can explore and learn how England’s history has impacted us all. You’re sure to find something historically significant every day — so be sure to take the time to dive in and learn more!

Excel Academically

England is home to many of the most prestigious universities in the world, some centuries old. This engrained appreciation for higher education offers an opportunity to learn with and be taught by the best. After inserting yourself into a new learning style in this different academic system, you’ll bring great skills like adaptability and independent learning home with you.

Enjoy Life Outside London

Though London is packed with millions of people — and Big Ben might be the first thing on your mind to see – you’ll also want to take advantage of opportunities in England’s smaller cities and towns. Strong academics, along with diverse student populations, will provide many great options at a potentially lower price point than London. Plus, these smaller locales are a great way to dig into quintessential British traditions and culture.

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