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A rising economic power and technology leader, India is the world’s largest democracy. With a 3,000-year-old civilization that is continually redefining itself, India offers rich, varied avenues of study. You’ll study in amazing towns and cities with distinct languages and landscapes.

You’ll be able to engage with locals and further develop your academic and professional goals through field visits, research, internships, apprenticeships or even documentary filmmaking. You can work with cutting-edge nonprofit organizations and social entrepreneurs.

India Locations:

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Engage in the Culture

You’ll find plenty of opportunities to engage in the culture when you study in India. You may visit the temples around Manipal, cook with your host family in Pune, or enjoy a boat ride on the Ganges in Varanasi. You’ll learn about and come to understand the social and traditional aspects of India – and you’re bound to find those experiences just as valuable as your academics.

Conduct Research

You can participate in our optional directed research course as part of all India programs, allowing you to further interact with the people in the community while examining a topic of interest to you.

See the Country

Your studies take you outside of the classroom as you explore other places during the field study trip. You will explore the cities, food and cultures off the beaten path and beyond where you would typically be able to explore on your own. You’ll have the opportunity to see how the country’s ancient history and modern economics are shaping India and its future.

Gain Valuable Experience

All of our programs in India feature valuable field-based components. In Pune, you can gain work experience by pursuing an internship, while in Varanasi you may choose to study yoga, music, dance or artisanal crafts under master teachers. Meanwhile, in Manipal, you can participate in public health visits every Friday.

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