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One island, two countries. The island of Ireland is politically divided into two countries, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Each has a different government, currency and law. You will see both countries, allowing you the unique opportunity to compare two countries within Europe as part of your study abroad experience. You’ll find that in Ireland you are welcomed by green hills and gregarious people.

Ireland Locations:

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Explore Vibrant Cities

Ireland is the European headquarters to many tech companies, including Google, Facebook, Apple and Airbnb. The workforces of these companies are young, energetic and driven, so you’ll experience life in a fast-paced, future-thinking society — where new ideas, creativity and hard work are encouraged.

Appreciate the Natural Beauty

Ireland is a small but beautiful island, with castle ruins, rugged fields, ancient archaeological sites, miles of unspoiled beaches and uninhabited land. You’re bound to see something vastly different from home. And since Ireland is a gateway to mainland Europe, mini-breaks are easily doable.

Enjoy Unique Culture and Heritage

Ireland is famous for its writers. Dublin is a UNESCO City of Literature, and across Ireland there are sites that allow students to learn more about this rich heritage. You will learn about the country’s unique history, native language of Gaelic and ancient culture. Visiting rural communities where Gaelic is still spoken is easy to do, allowing you to put what you have learned into practice.

Feel Welcomed

Ireland is famous for its “cead mile failte” (100,000 welcomes). Irish people live up to this creed and appreciate those who come and visit its shores. You’ll live in flats with both Irish and international students, so you’ll quickly feel at home and find yourself starting to fit in like a local.

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