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Israel offers a unique study abroad experience — combining ancient traditions with cosmopolitan and modern life. As a student on our programs, you will be immersed in Israel’s entrepreneurial spirit, cultural diversity and ancient heritage. Living amidst Israelis, you’ll engage in daily life through friendships with Israeli classmates, internships, field visits and social events. Outside of the classroom, you’ll explore a plethora of start-ups, tech inventions and the compelling approach to coexistence unique to Israeli society.


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Get a Stellar Education with Study Abroad in Israel

Focus on the Future

By studying in in Israel you’ll have an edge in the workplace. You’ll return to the U.S. with valuble skills, the ability to interact with people of different cultures and ethnicities, increased intercultural awareness and greater cultural sensitivity. Plus, you may have the opportunity to gain real-life experience by pursuing your academic and career goals through an internship.

Look Beyond the Classroom

You will participate in co-curricular activities designed to engage you with diverse communities and local startups.  You may take in the sights, sounds and smells of an Israeli food market as you prepare for your Israeli cooking course or an upcoming Shabbat. You may experience daily life on a kibbutz, sit down and talk with international lawyers and development workers, attend relevant lectures, and visit religious sites of three major world religions. Plus, you will go on tours of Israel that will expose you to the country’s geographic, social, religious and cultural diversity. This is a great opportunity to explore some of the most important and sacred places in Christianity, Judaism and Islam,  or to visit an international tech hub in the country’s ‘Silicon Wadi” in a way that you could not do on your own.

Experience Language Immersion

While all elective courses will be taught in English, you will have the opportunity to study either Hebrew or Arabic, Israel’s two official languages, so you can interact and communicate more with locals and better immerse yourself in the Israeli culture. Design and execute an independent study project, immersing yourself in a new region of the island while focusing on a topic of interest. you’ll gain valuable experience and research which you may use as a foundation for a senior project or post-graduate research fellowship.

Be Part of a Diverse Classroom

All students directly enroll in courses with local Israeli and other international students. You can take courses in subjects like business, marketing, history, diversity, peace and conflict studies, women and gender studies, international relations, and more!

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