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From the power of ancient empires to the beauty of modern artworks, the allure of Italy is undeniable and has stood the test of time for travelers from around the world. Family-run business power the modern economy and Italians have become known for la dolce vita – a combination of warm hospitality, laid-back lifestyle, and delicious, cuisine. Today political and economic challenges face this European Union member state, while at the same time it grapples with social issues and an influx of migrants. Italy offers a stunning Mediterranean climate and a rich cultural heritage that provide a nurturing environment for students to study abroad and pursue individual interests as unique as they are.

With IFSA you’ll have the opportunity to start exploring and meet Italians making waves in their communities. The cultural influence that Italy exudes worldwide is never far away as you develop insights that prepare you for a future role in local and global networks.

Italy Locations:

Get a Stellar Education with Study Abroad in Italy

Tap into Local Networks

Personal connections shape your IFSA study abroad experience. Our robust networks and knowledgeable staff offer an abundance of resources and opportunities to pursue your own goals. Meeting local families, scholars, and influencers is your chance to go global with your social and professional circles.

Pursue an Internship

Participating in a European internship may be one of the reasons you’re considering studying in Italy, and you’ll find many opportunities to boost your resume. You’ll gain valuable intercultural and professional skills and benefit from a tailored process that matches your placement based on your personal interests and career goals.

Embrace la Dolce Vita

Slow down like the Italians to savor the little things in life and linger over lovingly prepared meals. You’ll explore diverse communities and culinary traditions, while taking advantage of some extra time to wander tiny lanes and vast gardens. You might even pick up on classic Italian films or become a fan of the local soccer team!

Explore the Continent

From sunny Mediterranean beaches to snowy Alpine peaks, Italy offers no shortage of opportunities to travel – and it provides an easy jumping—off point to venture into the rest of Europe, too! Situate your Italian experience within a greater continental landscape and let your journeys inform your IFSA coursework.

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