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Spain is a vibrant and complex country that is home to many types of landscapes, including scenic mountains, Mediterranean beaches, rural towns and bustling, cosmopolitan cities. Its big cities, including Madrid and Barcelona, are a mix of modern and ancient.

Barcelona boasts an amazing medieval quarter, yet it has been ranked one of Europe’s best cities for business. The city’s thriving food, music and entertainment scene, along with its artistic atmosphere, make it one of the most popular places to study abroad. In addition to Spanish, you will experience the distinct Catalan language, which shares similarities with other Romance languages like Spanish, French and Italian.

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Get a Stellar Education with Study Abroad in Spain

Experience Cuisine and Culture

Spain hosts fiestas year-round, and you can enjoy the many celebrations. Some are religiously or historically significant and some are merely an opportunity to get together with friends. Either way, the colorful costumes, lively music and delicious cuisine are worth experiencing. 

Gain Career Experience

You will have direct access to international businesses through your internship experience offered in a range of fields at local Spanish companies. You can gain valuable experience to support your future goals.

Engage in the Culture

You can explore historical and cultural sites around Barcelona, engaging in Spanish culture and the city’s community through your Exploring Barcelona course.

Take Advantage of Spanish for Non-Spanish Speakers

In Spain, you can take classes taught in English or Spanish, but you do not need to have studied Spanish before. You will take a Spanish class, available at multiple levels, and you will learn more about Catalan, the language spoken in Barcelona.

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