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The tropical island of Sri Lanka is a microcosm of world religions. Although there is a deeply rooted tradition of Theravada Buddhism, the country is home to large populations of Hindus, Muslims and Christians. In the era of post-colonial independence, paradigms of power, status and identity have vied for a place in the new nation. Divisions deepened as Sri Lanka spiraled into a civil war, which ended in 2009. In the post-war period, minority ethnic and religious communities struggle for power and recognition. Despite valiant efforts by local and international groups, peace and unity remain elusive goals.

As an ISLE student, you’ll learn the local language and culture, study with renowned faculty, and conduct independent field research on a topic of your choice. In Sri Lanka, you can develop the tools you need to navigate complex socio-cultural landscapes as a cultural insider and informed researcher.

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Engage in the Culture

You’ll experience various facets of Sri Lankan culture through studying Sinhala and Tamil languages and living with a host family. Taking classes on campus at the University of Peradeniya will enable you to engage with Sri Lankan students and participate in lectures, events, student organizations and other activities. Co-curricular opportunities, such as traditional arts classes, offer you a hands-on opportunity to learn and appreciate cultural traditions.

See the Country

Field-based tours around Kandy and throughout the island allow you to develop a holistic understanding of Sri Lanka’s religions, social and political issues and environments. Explore ancient kingdoms, colonial ports and indigenous villages during field-based lectures and site visits led by renowned faculty and local experts.

Conduct Relevant Research

Design and execute an independent study project, immersing yourself in a new region of the island while focusing on a topic of interest. You’ll gain valuable experience and research which you may use as a foundation for a senior project or post-graduate research fellowship.

Experiential Learning

Through hands-on experiences during site visits and independent field research, you’ll see your studies in the classroom come to life as you explore Sri Lanka. Interacting with the island’s diverse communities and learning in a variety of environments help you understand Sri Lanka from a well-rounded perspective.

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