IFSA Conference

IFSA Conference 2018

How can education abroad promote lifelong Intercultural Agility?

Developing intercultural competence has long been associated as a key benefit to studying abroad. Likewise, study abroad alumni have anecdotally acknowledged the critical importance their experience played in developing skills and perspectives which transformed them into global citizens.

IFSA’s organizational commitment to intercultural agility is based on the premise that through the educational experience gained with us, students will cultivate intercultural skills that can be applied and adapted throughout their careers and lives.

Rather than a static intercultural experience, how can study abroad endeavors foster intercultural agility within future leaders? Where will the study abroad experience take students in the future? How will the intercultural skills students cultivate through study abroad participation yield transferable outcomes which go beyond the local study abroad term and fit into the global life experience?

Join us to be part of that discussion and contribute your rich interest and knowledge to this important topic.


Conference dates

July 25 – 27, 2018

Hotel Information

The Alexander Hotel
333 South Delaware St.
Indianapolis, IN

Visit the hotel website to explore the hotel’s amenities and see its unique focus on art and design!

Book your hotel rooms ($190 per night + tax) using the Alexander’s online booking site.

Register by June 25, 2018!

Institute at the Institute (I@)

The sixth annual I@I brings up-and-coming professionals together to explore appreciative advising for education abroad from the only organization in the field to formally and holistically adopt the practice. We’ll utilize a workshop setting to evaluate how appreciative advising supports and challenges students to achieve their academic, personal, and career preparation goals.

Selected applicants receive a complementary registration and accommodation at Butler University. Most meals are also included. Priority will be given to applicants planning to attend the IFSA Conference as well.

2018 TOPIC:


What Advisors Are Saying

“I felt engaged from the moment the conference opened, but I felt most engaged during the workshops.”
—Stephanie Gulden, Dickinson College

“I loved the speakers most. They had done research to support their theories, and they were great speakers to boot. I got readings out of those sessions and a lot of ideas, and have just finished briefing my staff on the conference, so the learning continues! Thank you for setting it up so well.”
—Cathy Winnie, Southern Methodist University

“Great conference and excellent staff in place to help facilitate a positive experience. Thank you.”
—Sentwali Bakari, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

Conference Schedule

(This is a tentative schedule and is subject to change.)
Wednesday, July 25

  1:30 Registration & International Treats with IFSA Resident Directors
  3:00 Welcome, Intercultural Agility Activity
  5:15 Plenary Session
Mind the (Inter)cultural  Gap: Reflect, Reframe and Reimagine Cultural Agility
Dr. Leeva Chung
  6:45 Dinner

Thursday, July 26

  8:00 Breakfast  
  8:45 Workshop: From Theory to Practice: Building A Shared Commitment to Intercultural Agility  Dr. Opal Leeman Bartzis, IFSA
Jennifer Wiley, CoreCollaborative International
Diana Arízaga, IFSA Mexico
  10:10 EdTalks: Language and Intercultural Learning

  • We Are Living in an Intercultural World, but I’m a Cross-cultural Girl
  • The Gap Between People’s Belief on Language Learning an Reality
Marne Ausec, Kenyon College

Shinji Sato, Princeton University

  10:35 Coffee Break  
  11:00 Workshop: Delivering on Our Promise: Infusing Intercultural Agility throughout the Student Experience  Teresa Bellono, IFSA
Emily Hammock Mosby, The University of New Mexico
Andrew Williams, IFSA England
  12:15 Lunch  
  1:30 Lightning Rounds

  • Developing Intercultural Agility Among Short-term Study Abroad Students
  • Immersion Through Flatting: Fostering Intercultural Development in Student Housing
  • From Pilot to Practice: Pre-departure Strategies for Promoting Intercultural Development

Alisha Cardwell, Brandeis University
Isabel Yevenes, IFSA Santiago, Chile

Sian Munro, IFSA New Zealand

Katie DeGuzman, Dickinson College

  2:10 IFSA Updates Shannon Cates
Dr. Opal Leeman Bartzis
  3:15 EdTalks: Strategies for Intercultural Development

  • Intercultural Agility Demonstrated Through Digital Storytelling
  • Guiding Behavioural Change to Promote Intercultural Development
Heather Gregg Reed, IFSA
Ruth Casey, IFSA Scotland
  3:40 Coffee Break  
  4:00 Workshop: Intercultural Nextpractice: Fostering Innovation through New Strategies  Jonathan Ferguson, IFSA
Kim Hindbjorgen, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Dr. Amir Reza, Babson College
  5:15 Optional Hotel Art Tour  
  7:00 Reception at Dallara Indycar Factory  

Friday, July 27

  8:00 Breakfast  
  8:10 Optional Session: Discover IFSA Flagships Erika Ryser, IFSA

Mario Cantarini, IFSA Argentina
Patricio O’Dwyer, IFSA Argentina

Lynne Alvarez, IFSA England

Jana Žalská, IFSA Czech Republic

Pei Liu, IFSA China
Christopher Van Velzer, IFSA China

Christi Hoover, IFSA  Australia

  8:45 Workshop: Integrated Intercultural Testing: Moving Beyond Pre-Post Tests to Change Practice  Dr. David Wick, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
Cecilia Guldagger, student at Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
Emelye Neff, student at Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey
Heather Young, IFSA
  10:05 EdTalks: Navigating Cultures at Home and Abroad

  • We May Be Country but We Aren’t Rednecks: Cultural Reflections from Appalachia
  • Cultural Drag: Performing Identities Abroad

Taylor Woodman, University of Maryland at College Park
Martha Johnson, University of Minnesota

  10:30 Coffee Break  
  10:45 Lightning Round

  • Intercultural Assessment Smackdown: A Quick Guide to Intercultural Assessment Tools
  • ISLE Sri Lanka Alumni Panel
  • Wait… Why Can’t I Get My Adderall in Australia?

Dr. Chris Acheson-Clair, Purdue University
Katherine Yngve, Purdue University

ISLE Sri Lanka alumni

Chris Van Velzer, IFSA China
Liz Mach, IFSA


  11:30 Intercultural Agility Debrief and Conclusion  
  12:30 Lunch and Departure