2018 IFSA Conference Resources

Thank you for attending!

We are so honored that you attended the 2018 IFSA Conference to explore Intercultural Agility with us. Please find the resources from each presenter located below.

Wednesday Sessions

Intercultural Agility Exercise
City as Text – Intercultural Agility Exercise
Handout—City as Text
Handout—Facilitator Questions

Plenary Speaker — Dr. Leeva Chung
Plenary – Mind the (Inter)cultural Gap

Thursday Sessions

Workshop 1
Workshop 1 – From Theory to Practice
Handout—From Theory to Practice

EdTalk — Marne Ausec, Kenyon College
EdTalk 1a- We are Living in an Intercultural World, but I’m a Cross-cultural Girl

EdTalk — Dr. Shinji Sato, Princeton University
EdTalk 1b-The Gap Between People’s Belief on Language Learning and Reality

Workshop 2
Workshop 2- Delivering on Our Promise

Lightning Rounds
Lightning Round 1a-Developing Intercultural Agility Among Short-term Study Abroad Students
Handout—Study Abroad Re-Orientation
Lightning Round 1b-Intercultural Assessment Smackdown
Handout—Assessment Table
Handout—AAC&U Rubrics
Handout—Purdue Intercultural Learning Worksheet
Lightning Round 1c- ISLE Sri Lanka Alumni Panel

IFSA Updates Session
IFSA Updates

EdTalk — Heather Gregg Reed, IFSA
EdTalk 2a- The Power of Reflection

EdTalk — Ruth Casey, IFSA
EdTalk 2b- Guiding Behavioural Change to Promote Intercultural Development

Workshop 3
Workshop 3 – Intercultural Nextpractice

Friday Sessions

Workshop 4
Workshop 4-Holistic Approaches to Assessing Intercultural Agility
Handout—SMART Learning Outcomes
Handout—Application Essays for Assessment
Handout—Rubric Norming
Handout—Customer Satisfaction Survey Example
Handout—Customer Satisfaction

EdTalk — Taylor Woodman, University of Maryland, College Park
EdTalk 3a-We May Be Country but We Aren’t Rednecks

EdTalk — Martha Johnson, University of Minnesota
EdTalk 3b-Cultural Drag

Lightning Rounds
2a-From Pilot to Practice: Pre-departure Strategies for Promoting Intercultural Development
Handout—Navigating Difficult Dialogues
Lightning Round 2b-A Deeper Learning Moment: When Culture Meets Healthcare
Lightning Round-2c- Immersion Through Flatting Lightning Round 

Closing Workshop
Connect. Collaborate. Contribute.