Flooding in Townsville — IFSA James Cook University Program To Start on Schedule

February 1, 2019 5:41 pm

Update (2.6.19)

The rains in and around Townsville and the water in flooded areas have begun to subside. Local weather reports forecast less rain each day and only a shower or two on Saturday. The IFSA program at James Cook University will continue as scheduled. The flooding has not impacted the campus or the student housing. You can find information about the recent weather event from James Cook University on their website at https://www.jcu.edu.au/news/releases/2019/january/extreme-weather-townsville.

What Happened?

Townsville, Australia is currently experiencing heavy rain and flooding which is expected to last through the weekend. James Cook University and student housing is located on the opposite side of the city and is not in the storm tide layer that is more prone to flooding. At this time, the IFSA James Cook University program in Townsville will begin as scheduled on February 12, 2019.

What IFSA is Doing

The IFSA Health & Safety team notified all students scheduled to depart for the James Cook University program (Townsville campus), reassuring them that this area of Australia is prone to weather events such as this and that IFSA has a carefully planned emergency response system in place. In the event of an emergency while students are on site, IFSA’s Health and Safety team works with the resident director to ensure all students are accounted for, safe, and that they receive the proper support and care.

Additionally, our resident director guides students through safety practices and checks-in, providing any information and support needed. At the beginning of the program, students will spend significant time discussing how to safely live in Havana, as well as steps for what to do in an emergency. All students will receive an emergency phone number to contact our resident director and our emergency assistance provider 24/7 in the event of an emergency during the program.

IFSA adheres to the health, safety, security, and risk management guidelines and best practices in the field of international education as established by NAFSA and the Forum on Education Abroad. IFSA’s Health and Safety team consults regularly with governmental agencies, private sector and local resources, and safety and security professionals in the field of international education. This broad network allows us to remain well-informed and up to date on best practices.

More Information

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