UK University Strike Update

Published February 9, 2018

We have been notified that the University and College Union (UCU), a UK trade union representing university lecturers, administrators and other staff, has called for a sporadic strike in protest of proposed changes to university employee pension programs. Most but not all dates during a predetermined period of February 22-March 16 will see some classes cancelled, depending mainly on whether the class is taught by a UCU member who chooses to strike. The work of some offices at the universities, including their international student offices, may also be disrupted. More information is available at will be re-balloting before determining their participation.)

IFSA offices in London, Edinburgh and Dublin (for Northern Ireland students) will remain open and fully operational as usual during this time. As we receive specific notifications about the strike from individual universities, we will share them with IFSA students so that they will know what to expect. Although not legally required to do so, we anticipate instructors of classes that are cancelled will notify students in advance. Unless they are officially made aware of a cancellation, students should plan to attend classes as usual. We do not expect replacement classes to be offered for any that are cancelled. Assessments that would have been carried out during the strike period are likely to be rescheduled at later dates. We fully expect students to receive full credit for their semesters abroad, despite what should be only mild disruption to their studies.

IFSA staff will stay in close contact with students as we watch this industrial action carefully. Students will be encouraged to share any concerns they have about their learning progress with our staff, who will aid them in identifying additional resources for support as needed. We are hopeful that the strikes will end earlier than planned; and as we have more information, we will share it with you. Please feel free to send any questions to Vice President for Academic Affairs Opal Leeman Bartzis, Ed.D. at