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  • Year: January 15
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About University of Oxford, St. Anne's College Partnership, Premedical Program

St. Anne's Premedical Program is distinguished by its focus on biochemistry and emphasis on independent study. This competitive program is designed to support premedical students in their degree progress, and to prepare them for medical school.

University of Oxford, St. Anne's College Partnership, Premedical Program Benefits

  • Stand out in your medical school applications by participating in this prestigious competitive program whose curriculum was designed specifically for pre medical students in the U.S.A.
  • Attend the first college at Oxford to be created especially for female students; today it's home to nearly equal numbers of men and women
  • Enjoy amenities such as a workout gym, photography darkroom, game room and 24—hour computer lab plus shared fields and facilities for rugby, field hockey, cricket, soccer, squash, tennis and boating
  • Students receive individual guidance from their tutor and benefit from the tutor's expert knowledge

The IFSA Difference

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You will experience challenging, rewarding coursework in the highest quality classes, while receiving the academic support you need.
More than a tourist in a foreign country, you will engage in the community, build competencies, and develop yourself as a citizen of the world.
Our programs and practices reflect the value we place on diverse perspectives and are designed to support a variety of learners.
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You will have academic and personal mentors to assist with program choice, application, travel, cultural acclimation, language acquisition, class registration, academic issues, health and safety, and everything in between.

Academics at University of Oxford, St. Anne’s College Partnership, Premedical Program

Course details are available on St. Anne's program webpage.
St. Anne's College's Premedical Program is distinguished by it's focus on biochemistry and emphasis on independent study. At its heart lies the philosophy that human diseases and clinical treatments can be full understood only with a detailed knowledge of cellular molecular process. Biochemistry tutors form St. Anne's College lead the program in collaboration with their colleagues from chemistry, physiology, pharmacology and experimental psychology. Courses are tught through a combination of tutorials and lectures given by experts from st. Ann's College and the entire Oxford system.

St. Anne's College Premedical Program is highly competitive and a minimum GPA of 3.7 is required. Students will earn 12 U.S. semester credits for each of the three Oxford terms. The September pre-session courses will be worth 2 U.S. semester credits each for a total of 4 additional credits

The program is available during the following terms:
  • Fall Semester (September-December), designed to help participants maximize their time abroad in a shorter timeframe. The semester combines the Oxford Michaelmas Term with a required September pre-session.
  • Academic year (October-June), the traditional academic year at Oxford that combines all three Oxford terms: Michaelmas, Hilary and Trinity.
  • Extended academic year (September-June). A more advanced course of study that includes all three terms at Oxford plus the September Pre-session. This is a particularly popular option for students who plan to apply to MD-PhD programs.
  • Spring two-terms is not available for this program.
The program encompasses five broad themes:
  • Structure and Function of Macromolecules
  • Bioenergetics and Metabolism
  • Molecular Biology and Genetics
  • Cell Biology
  • Physiology and Human Disease
Course Restrictions
Your tutorial topics should be limited to no more than two subjects, and those subjects should be related. For instance, the tutors reviewing your application will look more favorably at a tutorial request form that has choices limited to politics and history departments. They would not be as impressed with a tutorial request form that lists choices in chemistry, economics and art history.
The hallmark of the university of Oxford academics is the tutorial system. The tutorial is typically a one-hour meeting between one or two students and the tutor. Tutorials usually meet once a week or every other week, and the center of the tutorial is an essay on a topic the tutor previously assigned. The tutor will lead a discussion about the essay topic in an effort to provide new insights. At the end of the tutorial, the tutor will assign a new topic and may offer recommended reading. Tutorials are individually arranged, taking into account the subject to be studied and the tutor's area of expertise. They are similar to independent study courses, but Oxford students bear even more responsibility for conducting independent research and maintaining good academic progress. The University of Oxford organizes weekly lectures on myriad academic subjects, and all students at the University, regardless of college, are welcome to attend. Lectures are not usuall mandatory except for some science subjects, but tutors, often recommend them as good supplements to tutorials and research. At Oxford you'll be expected to do much more work on your own and to think more independently than in most other teaching methods. Your tutor is there to guide your studies, rather than to feed you facts and information, and this provides the opportunity for intensive academic study under a unique and prestigious system.
After you return to the U.S., IFSA will send a Butler University transcript to your home university and to your permanent address. The transcript reflects the courses taken, credits attempted, and grades earned during your term abroad. This service is included in your study abroad program at no additional cost
Subjects offered at University of Oxford, St. Anne’s College Partnership, Premedical Program
Anatomy/Physiology Biochemistry Biology Biotechnology Chemistry Health Studies History/Philosophy of Science Immunology Mathematics Molecular and Cellular Biology Neuroscience Pharmacy/Pharmacology Philosophy Premedical

Housing & Meals

Housing Type
Residence Hall/Dormitory
You will have access to basic cooking facilities (microwave, refrigerator, and stovetop) to prepare your own meals. There are no meal plan options at St. Anne's, but students have the option of eating in the dining hall on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The IFSA Team

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