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About Ireland, Britain and the New Political Europe in Dublin

If you're passionate about politics, this is the program for you! Through our partnership with the University of California, San Diego, you can spend five weeks in Dublin studying modern Irish and European politics, visiting government agencies, and pondering the post-Brexit landscape and its implications for Irish citizens.

Ireland, Britain and the New Political Europe in Dublin Benefits

What this program has to offer • The chance to live and study in Ireland's vibrant, international capital city for five weeks • A unique opportunity to take UC San Diego courses in the Emerald Isle's beautiful setting • Courses that focus on modern political Europe, taught in the heart of historic Dublin • Relevant, hands-on activities and events that take your learning outside of the classroom • Interaction with Irish and European government agencies • Overnight excursions to Killarney, the famous Cliffs of Moher and the West of Ireland, as well as to London, England Housing • Students live in on-campus apartments at Griffith College within walking distance from classes • Apartments offer double occupancy bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms and shared kitchens and living space • Housing is within walking distance of the city center Academics The curriculum includes two courses taught by a UC San Diego professor: • The New Political Europe • The Politics of Ireland and the British Isles


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Academics at Ireland, Britain and the New Political Europe in Dublin

The different nations that populate Ireland and the British Isles are at a crossroads with respect to their relationship to one another and to Europe. Two years ago, Scotland voted in a closely contested referendum on whether to leave the United Kingdom and seek independence as a sovereign nation. Just a few months ago, British voters decided to leave the European Union, to which the United Kingdom has belonged since 1973. Northern Ireland is in a process of reconciliation between Protestants and Catholics, while the Republic of Ireland is rapidly recovering from a sharp economic downturn. All of this makes it an exciting time to visit Dublin and learn about these ongoing processes. Dublin is a lively and youthful city, known for its music and culture, its rich history, as well as for its easy-going charm. The program will explore this city and its culture and politics, but will also take you to the beautiful countryside of Western Ireland, as well as on a long weekend excursion to London.
Kaare Strom is Distinguished Professor of Political Science and has taught at UC San Diego since 1991. He was born and raised in Norway and came to the United States as an undergraduate. He received his BA from St. Olaf College (Minnesota) and his Ph.D. from Stanford University. Before coming to UCSD he taught at several other universities, including the University of Bergen in Norway. Strom teaches in the areas of Comparative and European Politics, and has published extensively on political parties, Scandinavian politics, and the institutions of parliamentary democracy. His most recent book is "The Madisonian Turn: Political Parties and Parliamentary Democracies in Nordic Europe," which he co-edited with Torbjorn Bergman of Sodertorn University, Sweden. Strom was EAP study center director in Lund, Sweden, and Copenhagen from 2002 to 2004. For several years he taught in the Joint Summer School on Critical World Issues in Lund.
Courses are transcripted by UC San Diego.

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