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Finance Options
Scholarships, grants, financial aid, monthly payment plan, credit card payments and more!
Application Deadlines:
  • Fall: March 15
  • Spring: October 15

YEAR OPTIONS: Students interested in calendar or academic year-long options should contact IFSA-Butler for deadlines, fees and more.

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About King's College London

When you study abroad at King's College London, you'll have numerous opportunities to connect - with your peers, your professors, and your ideas. Immerse yourself in your chosen discipline and make connections across different cultures, subjects, and geographies.

King's College London Benefits

  • Engage in the community as part of IFSA's exclusive Exploring Community & Culture course 
  • One of the oldest, largest and most prestigious colleges of the University of London (UL), located in the heart of the city, overlooking the Thames
  • King's is a member of Britain's Russell Group of universities, similar to the Ivy League, and offers a wide range of liberal arts, sciences, and engineering courses
  • Shakespeare's London module combines a course in Shakespeare with a hands-on, three-week class at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre — this popular module fills quickly!
  • A competitive premed program designed to introduce students to the general practice of medicine and is suitable for all students pursuing further education in the healthcare field
  • Access to the University of London's excellent teaching and research facilities,  an active student union, more than 200 sports and student societies, and the neighborhoods of the West End, Covent Garden and Soho


Your success is our success! Whatever your goals, our approach is carefully designed to help you achieve them.
You will experience challenging, rewarding coursework in the highest quality classes, while receiving the academic support you need.
More than a tourist in a foreign country, you will engage in the community, build competencies, and develop yourself as a citizen of the world.
Our programs and practices reflect the value we place on diverse perspectives and are designed to support a variety of learners.
Round out your classroom experience with hands-on opportunities like internships, directed research, student teaching, community-based learning or volunteering, and cultural excursions.
You will have academic and personal mentors to assist with program choice, application, travel, cultural acclimation, language acquisition, class registration, academic issues, health and safety, and everything in between.

Academics at King’s College London Partnership

To view available courses at King's College London, visit the King's online course catalog

King's College students usually take courses in one or two departments within the same faculty (school). For this reason, applicants to King's College should plan to select courses in no more than two departments. If you need to study in multiple departments, there will most likely be scheduling conflicts as full degree students study primarily within their major. Note that departments at King's College are autonomous and admission is general, so acceptance into the University does not guarantee permission to study in a specific department. Your program advisor can explain departmental and course restrictions, especially for King's most selective departments (English, American Studies, Film, Music, Philosophy, Theology, War Studies).

IFSA requires students to enroll in a full course load abroad. A full course load at King's College is 60 KCL credits for the semester and 120 credits for the year. Most courses will be worth 15 KCL credits (4 Butler University U.S. semester credit hours), so semester students should expect to take four courses a semester and year students should expect to take eight courses. 

60 Kings College London credits = 16 U.S. semester credit hours
120 Kings College London credits = 32 U.S. semester credit hours

Please review all your syllabi and course materials when you are registering for classes (both pre-arrival and on-site). Certain classes may have a one-off lab or field trip fee that is disclosed in the syllabus or first meeting of class. You will be responsible for these fees, whether they are billed and paid by IFSA or billed to you.
Special Curriculum Options
PRE-MED OPTION (Application deadline: September 10)
The Health and Society module is designed to introduce students to the medical field and is suitable for all students interested in pursuing further education in the health care field. Admission to the Health and Society module is highly competitive, as there are only 16 spots available each semester for study abroad students from around the world. King's looks for applicants who have an extremely strong background in biology and chemistry. Please note that students who choose to undertake this module pay a higher program fee due to additional lab and clinical fees.

There are three parts to the King's College Premedical Program:
  • Students in the Premedical Program normally take three science courses to supplement the Health and Society course. Students can also mix in arts courses, if they wish, but will still be responsible for the pre-medical program fee.
  • Health and Society (MX1000): This course combines an in-class curriculum with a range of shadowing opportunities in different clinical settings. Students participate in a series of small group seminars and tutorials that integrate the study of clinical practice, communication in health care, medical ethics and law, psychology and medical sociology.
  • The Clinical Attachment: A series of clinical placement rotations enable you to apply class theory to a number of primary and secondary care settings: such as in General Practice, Guy's Hospital Minor Injuries Unit, operating room vists and Palliative Health Care setting.These placements are also supported by professional role plays, where you will have the opportunity to engage in a number of scenarios to learn and develop active listening skills, taking and presenting a case and family history, hypothetical deductive and inductive clinical reasoning.

Please note that the Health and Society module that makes up the King's Pre-Medical program is extremely competitive and very popular. King's will review all premedical program applications at the same time after the posted deadline, unlike the rolling admissions process for general study abroad applications at King's.  Students who are not offered a place in the pre-medical program will automatically be reviewed for general admission.
Course Restrictions
Below are some admissions notes regarding the most popular departments among study abroad students at King's College. If you have questions about departments not on this list, please contact your program advisor.
Courses in this department fill up very quickly, so course offerings may be limited. Students are strongly advised to apply well in advance of the IFSA application deadline.
King's is willing to consider education applicants on a case-by-case basis. Contact your program advisor if you have specific questions.
The English department will accept only students with a strong background in English literature. You must have taken at least three English literature courses with one in your sophomore year and have earned a B+ or higher in those courses. Creative writing, poetry or other types of English courses do not count towards the English literature requirement. When filling out the module request form, be sure to list several back up courses as the department tends to fill quickly.
The film department has limited spaces and students are strongly advised to apply early and to consider alternate universities in case space is not available in the department.
Students must have an academic background in any of the following areas: urban studies, economics, developmental studies, earth sciences, geology, environmental studies and area studies.
Shakespeare's London is a regular English module offered by King's that, through close reading and practical experience, allows students to place Shakespeare's plays in the context both of the city out of which they grew and of the theatrical world of Shakespeare. The module features an intensive, hands-on, three-week section at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre involving practical work on the staging of Shakespeare's plays. There are limited spots available in the program, so apply early if you are interested.
Students must have suitable background — generally two chemistry and two biology courses — and a strong GPA.
The Management Department is willing to consider applications from students with an appropriate background. Look under "Management" or also "Business" for courses in business, economics, human resources management and marketing.
Open to all majors, the Modern Language Centre at King's offers courses in Arabic, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Punjabi and Spanish. You will have a short language test upon arrival to determine which level of course is best for you. To learn more about the language courses, search for "Modern Foreign Languages" on the King's College online course catalog.
King's usually requires that applicants to the music department be music majors at their home university. Preference is granted to students from traditional music schools. Please call your program advisor to discuss your audition requirements and the application process.
This department at King's is widely recognized as one of the best in England, on par with the departments of Oxford and Cambridge. Introductory philosophy courses are open to students of all majors. Intermediate courses are open to students who have taken college-level philosophy courses in epistemology and metaphysics and/or ethics. Advanced courses are open only to philosophy majors only who have a substantial background in the subject.
King's College has opened only a very limited number of second- and third-year theology courses for study abroad students.
Students applying to the War Studies department must have a strong background (i.e. three to four courses) in political science and/or international relations. This department is very popular, so please complete your application materials as soon as possible.
After you return to the U.S., IFSA will send a Butler University transcript to your home university and to your permanent address. The transcript reflects the courses taken, credits attempted, and grades earned during your term abroad. This service is included in your study abroad program at no additional cost
Subjects offered at King’s College London Partnership
Accounting American/Canadian Studies Anatomy/Physiology Anthropology Arabic Asian Studies Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences Biochemistry Biology Biomedical Science Business Business Law Chemistry Chinese Classics Communications Creative Writing Criminal Justice/Criminology Cultural Studies Cybersecurity Economics Elementary Education English English Literature European History European Studies Finance Food Science/Nutrition French Genetics Geography German Health Studies History Immunology International Business International Studies/Affairs/Relations Italian Law/Legal Studies Marketing Mathematics Media/Multimedia Studies Microbiology Molecular and Cellular Biology Music Performance Music Studies Natural Resource Management Neuroscience Nursing Pharmacy/Pharmacology Philosophy Physics Poetry Political Science Premedical Religious Studies Russian Secondary Education Spanish Statistics Theater/Drama Theology Translation Women and Gender Studies

Housing & Meals

Housing Type
Residence Hall/Dormitory
Semester students' housing is self-catered, meaning they purchase and prepare their own meals in shared kitchens. The University of London Intercollegiate residences, available to full year students only, have mandatory meal plans that incur an additional fee.

The IFSA-Butler Team

IFSA-Butler has a dedicated team and staff who are here to help every student prepare and be ready to achieve their goals at every step of the way.

Finance Advisor

Resident Director

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Dates and Fees

Spring 2018

Program Dates

Program Start Date
January 2, 2018
Program End Date
June 2, 2018

Program Fees

Total Program Fee
Students pay a $500 non-refundable program deposit upon confirmation of attendance. The deposit is applied to the total program fee.
Supplemental Fees
Program participants housed in Moonraker Point will receive an additional fee of $1,700 each semester.

Estimated Costs

Books & Supplies
Local Transportation
Personal Expenses
(Includes utilities, laundry, entertainment, expected start-up costs, etc. Does not include personal travel.)
Total Estimated Costs

Fall 2018

Program Dates

Program Start Date
September 12, 2018
Program End Date
December 15, 2018

Program Fees

Total Program Fee
Students pay a $500 non-refundable program deposit upon confirmation of attendance. The deposit is applied to the total program fee.
Supplemental Fees
Students assigned to College Hall will incur a supplemental fee of approximately $1,075, and students assigned to Moonraker Point will incur a supplemental fee of approximately $1,325.  Students enrolled in the pre-med program will incur a supplemental fee of $3,000. 

Estimated Costs

Books & Supplies
Local Transportation
Personal Expenses
(Includes utilities, laundry, entertainment, expected start-up costs, etc. Does not include personal travel.)
Total Estimated Costs


Visit our summer program details: https://live-ifsa.pantheonsite.io/program/kings-college-london-summer/

Summer 1

Program start date
June 28, 2018
Program end date
July 21, 2018

Summer 2

Program start date
July 19, 2018
Program end date
August 11, 2018

Summer 1 & 2

Program start date
June 28, 2018
Program end date
August 11, 2018