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About Summer in Beijing

Boost your resume this summer with this six-week Beijing program! Choose to immerse yourself in Chinese language study, complete a hands-on internship, or delve into public health topics of global significance. Your language partner or host family will help you explore the hidden treasures of China's capital city.


Tuition Full academic advising and course selection/approval assistance Butler University transcript for easy credit transfer Academic records maintenance Grade and credit appeal assistance
Personalized advising with your IFSA-Butler program advisor Welcome packet, Preparing to Study Abroad China Money Matters guide, and newsletter updates Parental support including Preparing to Study Abroad China and Money Matters guide Assistance in accommodating students with disabilities Travel and student visa assistance Assistance with travel arrangements through a dedicated student travel partner
Full medical insurance plan for all students 24-hour health and safety abroad, emergency assistance and support from IFSA-Butler staff Access to local medical facilities
Guaranteed pre-arranged housing on and off campus Fully furnished accommodations Independent housing option available
Mid-semester weekend excursions and adventure trips Cultural activities and social events that showcase the cultural delights of China Day trips and sightseeing tours
Airport pickup for students arriving per program instructions (specific time frame, group flight, etc.) Full-time offices in China for assistance and support Comprehensive student orientation (including transportation, accommodation, activities, student handbook and welcome materials, and most meals). Summer programs have a two-day orientation. New student orientation at host university. Newsletter updates throughout the semester (semester/year programs programs)

Academics at Summer in Beijing

Customize your academic experience for a total of 6 or 7 credit hours: immerse yourself in intensive Chinese language study, gain hands-on internship experience in a Chinese workplace, or focus on public health policy and practice in China. Our syllabi are currently under development for these exciting new courses. Check back soon! AVAILABLE COURSES PUBH 315 / POLS 315 Public Health Policy and Practice in China (3 credits) Public health policy in China has been shaped by rapid and profound economic, social, and political currents. This course examines those developments and their implications for public health practice. Contemporary issues in health policy at national and local levels will be explored within the context of the health system. Topics include the former One Child Policy and family planning, caring for an aging population, child and maternal health, health literacy, and regional and urban/rural variations in health. INTS 380 Internship (3 credits) Interns are placed in Chinese or international non-profits, corporations, consulting firms, or think-tanks focused on promoting public and environmental health. Placements are highly competitive, and other foreign languages and professional skills assist in the placement process as well. Interns spend approximately 25 hours per week at the internship site and complete a final academic paper with an accompanying oral presentation. Internships are supervised by a faculty advisor who meets with students at least twice individually and three times as a group. Chinese Language (4 credits) No prior language study is required. A placement exam during on-site orientation determines each student's appropriate language level. CHIN 100 Beginning Chinese I CHIN 101 Beginning Chinese II CHIN 200 Intermediate Chinese I CHIN 201 Intermediate Chinese II CHIN 300 Advanced Chinese I CHIN 301 Advanced Chinese II CHIN 400 Advanced Chinese III CHIN 401 Advanced Chinese IV CHIN 600 Advanced Readings in Chinese Intensive Chinese Language (6 credits) Two semesters of prior Chinese language study are required. A placement exam during on-site orientation determines each student's appropriate language level. CHIN 200 Intensive Intermediate Chinese I CHIN 201 Intensive Intermediate Chinese II CHIN 300 Intensive Advanced Chinese I CHIN 301 Intensive Advanced Chinese II CHIN 400 Intensive Advanced Chinese III CHIN 401 Intensive Advanced Chinese IV CHIN 600 Intensive Advanced Readings in Chinese
Experiential Learning
In Beijing, students have the opportunity to participate in an unpaid, credit-bearing internship at sites that may include Chinese or international non-profits, corporations, or think-tanks focused on promoting public and environmental health. Students will spend 20-25 hours per week in their placement and will be expected to complete the academic requirements of their internship to receive credit. For more information, see the Beijing Internship Handbook. Students are not required to have experience in Chinese language but will find that a lack of language proficiency may limit placement opportunities. The Alliance makes every effort to place interns at companies or organizations that match the organization's needs with a student's skills, experience, and goals, including but not limited to the student's Chinese language level and communication skills, prior professional experience, and work competencies. Students should not independently seek out organizations; although if a student has an existing personal contact for a specific, preferred placement they may communicate this to Alliance staff who will investigate whether it may be arranged in accordance with Alliance academic policies. The placement process begins with the submission of the Field Component Form upon acceptance into the program, and placements are typically finalized after an in-person interview in China. POTENTIAL BEIJING INTERNSHIP PLACEMENTS Although the Alliance makes every effort to accommodate student preferences during the placement process, applicants are also encouraged to be flexible. Certain fields and industry sectors may limit the types of work available to undergraduate interns. The internship field in China's large cities is highly competitive and the number of available placements is limited. International Committee of the Red Cross, a humanitarian organization assisting victims of war and violence Huiling Community Services, a local non-profit helping mentally challenged individuals learn basic life skills North Head, a strategic communications and public affairs consulting firm working in public health and related areas International Union for Conservation of Nature, the world's largest non-profit global network addressing environmental issues Prore Pharm Co., a marketing and sales team for traditional and Western medicine and medical instruments International Economic Law Institute, a think-tank servicing multinational corporations and organizations
Language classes taught by full-time language faculty selected and trained by the Alliance. Area studies courses are taught by faculty from various universities in Beijing. Dr. Jeroen Groenewegen-Lau INTS 380 Internship
After you return to the U.S., IFSA-Butler will send a Butler University transcript to your home university and to your permanent address. The transcript reflects the courses taken, credits attempted, and grades earned during your term abroad. This service is included in your study abroad program at no additional cost
Subjects offered at Summer in Beijing
Asian Studies Business Chinese Communications Computer Science Economics Environmental Science/Studies Finance Health Studies International Business International Studies/Affairs/Relations Management Marketing Public/Global Health Sociology

Housing & Meals

Housing Type
Host Family, Residence Hall/Dormitory
Students who are not enrolled in the Intensive Chinese Language option are housed in the International Student Dorm #17 in double rooms with other Alliance students. Rooms include: two single beds, two desks, two chairs, small book shelves, cabinets, desk lamps, TV, and air-conditioning, and a private bathroom. They are also wired for high-speed internet. Bed linens, including blankets and pillows, are provided by the dorm and cleaned once a week. Towels are not provided. Each floor is equipped with washing machines. Students can purchase tokens for the machines at the front desk of the dorm. Tokens cost approximately 4 RMB for the washing machine and 8 RMB for the dryer. There is also a kitchen with a stove and microwave on each floor. Students are able to borrow some basic cooking equipment from the Alliance. All students studying Intensive Chinese Language are required to live with a host family. Other students who have completed at least two semesters of Chinese may also be eligible for the homestay option. Through placements with a Chinese host families for the duration of the summer term, students gain an in-depth understanding of Chinese family dynamics and traditions through sharing meals and participating in other family activities. Homestays provide students with an excellent opportunity to develop a more intimate understanding of Chinese culture and language through discussing and witnessing topics on Chinese culture, tradition and social life raised in the classroom with locals working and living in Beijing up close. Moreover, students who choose this option find countless opportunities to improve their Chinese language skills.

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