Revisit Study Abroad With IFSA

Our IFSA alumni often report that four months wasn’t enough time in their host country. Since students in early 2020 spent an even shorter time overseas, we imagine that some are already considering when they can return. Let us help with the Revisit Grant and our Future-Focused Guarantee.

If you were enrolled in an IFSA program in Spring 2020, Calendar Year 2020, or Academic Year 2019 and had to return home early from your program due to COVID-19, you automatically qualify for the IFSA Revisit Grant. This grant entitles you to $1,000 toward a Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 program or $500 towards a Summer 2021 program.

What do you need to do to receive the grant?

There is no additional application needed for this grant. After you sign your IFSA Student Acceptance Agreement, the grant amount will be applied automatically to your IFSA student account balance.

What if my program gets cancelled?

Fall 2020 IFSA applicants are covered under the Future-Focused Guarantee. Follow the button below for more information on what that coverage looks like:

Read more about the future focused guarantee

Note: The Revisit Grant is only available for students who previously studied on an IFSA program during one of the following terms: Spring 2020, Calendar Year 2020, or Academic Year 2019. The grant is designed to be applied to an IFSA program for Fall 2020, Spring 2021, or Summer 2021. If a program in these terms were to be canceled, the Revisit Grant amount can be applied to another future program term with IFSA. The grant cannot be applied to the IFSAOnline Program in any future term.

The Revisit Grant is only applicable to IFSA programs and can only be applied to the IFSA program fee. It cannot be cashed out or applied to estimated costs that are not included in the IFSA program fee.