Studying at Prague College Through the Eyes of IFSA Students


On February 2, 2020, I boarded a plane to Prague with one suitcase and very little

knowledge of the city that I was about to live in. I had been told numerous times that Prague was

a beautiful city, and that was enough to convince me to study abroad there. Upon arrival, I

quickly discovered that Prague is more than just a beautiful city. With endless must-see sights,

quaint cafes, and vibrant nightlife, Prague is a true European treasure.


Photo of the Charles Bridge, Prague

Taken by Kelly Kingston on the Charles Bridge


Within this treasure lies Prague College, a gem of its own, where I, along with eight other

IFSA students, had the opportunity to study. Because Prague College is an international

university, we were constantly meeting new students from all over the world. One of my classes

only had seven students in it, but those seven students represented six different countries.

Coming from American universities lacking diversity, Prague College’s culture was a huge

benefit for my whole IFSA group. Madison Thomas, when reflecting on a group project where

they analyzed different marketing techniques at a local Czech restaurant, said, “It was a lot of fun

getting to know new people while sharing a delicious meal. We all have different ideas or

viewpoints that make a conversation interesting and unique. I will forever be grateful for the

memories made through Prague College and their diverse culture.”


Madison Thomas, enjoying a traditional Czech meal with students from Prague College

Madison Thomas, enjoying a traditional Czech meal with students from Prague College


Along with being incredibly diverse, Prague College employs quality professors that

encourage student collaboration and care about the well-being of every student. Because my

IFSA group was sent home mid-semester due to Covid-19, we experienced our professors’

willingness to work with us on a whole new level. Our professors went out of their way to record

lectures, change class times, and extend deadlines, all for the sake of aiding us in our transition

back to America.

Andrew Gast and Kelly Kingston exploring Old Town Square

 Andrew Gast and Kelly Kingston exploring Old Town Square

Andrew Gast, when reflecting on his educational experience at Prague College,

stated that, “Prague College pushed me to meet and work with a number of new people, and

consistently kept me intrigued in lectures with new information. The professors were very

willing to help on a personal level and this is something that carried over online, even with all

the new challenges presented. I’m really satisfied with how much I learned in my short time in

Prague and at Prague College, and I continue to see myself growing as a result.”


In addition to supporting students in the classroom, Prague College offers a variety of

extracurriculars to keep students connected and engaged. At the beginning of the semester, the

university hosted a welcome week to help new students acclimate to the school and meet other

students. Welcome week events, along with other events throughout the semester, were very

beneficial in helping me and the other IFSA students maintain a social life in a new environment.

A fellow student, Erika Lu, participated in Prague College’s art auction called Art for Australia

to fundraise for Australian wildfire relief. Erika explained, “I created four paintings to auction

and volunteered at the event. It was an extraordinary experience for me because I’m a computer

science major back at my home college, but I got to live the experience of being a fine arts

student promoting and selling my work for charity.”

Erika Lu’s four paintings that were sold in Prague College’s charity auction

Erika Lu’s Paintings

Even after switching to the Digital Campus,

Prague College remained committed to keeping students connected. The university hosted a

variety of online events, such as pub quizzes, concerts, and a career fair. Because of all of the

opportunities for engagement, even after returning to America, I still felt connected to the


Though Prague College’s Digital Campus kept me connected, returning to America was

one of the most difficult moments of my life. I was not ready to leave the city that I had fallen in

love with. Because of Prague College, the incredible friends that I had made, and the endless

adventures that the city had to offer, I was devastated that I had to leave. Kelly Kingston

experienced similar feelings, and she is already planning her return to Prague. When discussing

her time abroad, Kelly stated, “On top of the hundreds of reasons I am so glad I chose Prague,

one of the most valuable ones was the location of the country. The Czech Republic sits in the

very center of Europe which makes weekend travels to other countries so much easier. During

my time there, I took two trips to Austria and one to Germany. I was happy that the time to get to

other countries was fairly short so that I could see as much as possible on a weekend away.”


Kelly Kingston in front of Prague’s famous “Dancing House”

Kelly Kingston in front of Prague’s famous “Dancing House”


Though Prague is ideally located for traveling through Europe, you very well may find

yourself not wanting to leave. With all that Prague has to offer, there is truly no better place for a

college student to live. The many coffee shops, the abundance of nightclubs, and the ease with

which you can travel the city on public transportation are comparable to none other. The

distinctive culture, the delicious food, and the magical aura have travelers entranced within their

first day in the city. Anyone that has lived in Prague can attest to the fact that it is more than just

a beautiful city, and I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to discover this European


Prague, thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the best five weeks of my life.

Madison Burgett

Article by Madison Burgett