IFSA at University College London

If you believe in taking an informed and innovative approach to problem solving, you’ll find your home at UCL! You can tackle global issues from multiple perspectives in your classes, whether that’s by creating art, studying citizenship, or preparing for a career in global health. The oldest and largest institution within the University of London (UL) federation, UCL is a member of Britain’s Russell Group of universities, similar to the Ivy League. You can also enjoy a vibrant arts scene, including a full-length opera each year by UCL’s well known Operatic Society, and an active students’ union with a modern theatre, snack bars, music rooms, film studio, squash courts and fitness center to keep you busy during your time abroad.

With around nine million inhabitants, London itself is a great study in globalization. Historical ties to fashion, banking, economy and government make this great city the perfect place to dive into your studies and establish connections through networking, internships and hands-on experiences. Within the mid-size and smaller cities outside of London, you’ll find students from every corner of the world. You can easily make lasting academic, personal and professional connections.

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