IFSA in Shanghai, China

Witness history in the making as Shanghai continues to develop at an unprecedented pace. With this cosmopolitan city as your classroom, you can explore issues of sustainable urbanization, economic reforms, or Chinese politics and foreign policy while living with Chinese roommates and studying Chinese language, too. Find your home in a vibrant, student-friendly neighborhood, where our program center sits just around the corner from the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE). Additionally, a week-long field study trip to regions such as Yunnan or Qinghai will allow you to explore China’s social, economic, and geographic diversity.

China’s growing economic significance and influence (it’s the world’s second-largest economy), social complexity and political importance make it a unique place to study, and the relationship between the U.S. and China will have a vital impact on the evolution of global governance and the world’s future. 

With many ethnic groups represented, China offers a multicultural environment for eye-opening cultural experiences and an introduction to different perspectives. And with a history of civilization of almost 5,000 years, China offers amazing places of cultural and historic importance for you to explore –from the imperial capital of Beijing and the iconic skyline of Shanghai to the stunning landscapes and diverse communities of China’s interior provinces.

By studying abroad in China you will learn about Chinese language and culture, and you will develop a strong international network – setting yourself apart from others in a global marketplace.

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