Diversity and Coexistence in Jerusalem

Israel offers a unique study abroad experience — combining ancient traditions with cosmopolitan and modern life. As a student on our programs, you will be immersed in Israel’s entrepreneurial spirit, cultural diversity and ancient heritage. Living amidst Israelis, you’ll engage in daily life through friendships with Israeli classmates, internships, field visits and social events. Outside of the classroom, you’ll explore a plethora of start-ups, tech inventions and the compelling approach to coexistence unique to Israeli society.

The Diversity and Coexistence program at Hebrew University offers a unique opportunity for students to explore the intersections between identity, religion, community, nationalism and diversity in the city of Jerusalem.

Our program location is at the Rothberg International School, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, one of the Middle East’s most prestigious Universities. By studying in in Israel you’ll have an edge in the workplace. You’ll return to the U.S. with foreign language skills, the ability to interact with people of different cultures and ethnicities, increased intercultural awareness and greater cultural sensitivity. Plus, you may have the opportunity to gain real-life experience by pursuing your academic and career goals through an internship.

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