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Abby Miller

Academic Records Manager


Start Date

August 2016


Curious • Green Thumb • Trivia/General Life Enthusiast

No matter where we come from, experiencing new places, cultures, and ideas in and out of the classroom can help us all become more connected and understanding. My goal is to help support IFSA-Butler students on their journey and to help them find success while abroad and beyond.


Abby graduated from Butler University with a bachelor's in English Literature with a minor in French. Go Dawgs!

Travel Experience

Abby served as an orientation guide for international students during undergrad. Creating positive experiences for students and traveling with them during their time in the U.S. has led to life-long friendships and travel companions.

Did You Know?

Abby spent one summer (well, winter really) living in southern Australia. She spent every Saturday watching her roommates play Australian rules football (aka footy).