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Alexis-Simone Rivers

Operations Coordinator


Faith-oriented, Latin Music Lover, Proud Foodie, Sun and Beach Dweller, Includer

My passion for international education stems from my study abroad experience where I experienced the cultural transitions between my home and host culture. I learned how resilient one can become when living in a constant state of being off-center from what I consider “normal.” Witnessing this same resiliency and growth in students during their season off campus continues to deepen my passion for working in international education.

Prior to IFSA

After graduating from Hope College, Alexis moved to Chicago to work for the Chicago Semester Program as the Assistant Director for Student Services and Registrar.  In this position she led and coordinated student orientation, semester events, enrollment, registration, and a mentoring program.


In 2016, Alexis graduated from Hope College in Holland, Michigan with a degree in International Studies with a Business emphasis. Alexis entered Hope to pursue a degree in Nursing, but changed majors after her transforming studying abroad experience!

Travel Experience

In 2014 Alexis studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. While abroad, she visited Uruguay and Brazil. Since then she has traveled internationally to the Dominican Republic and domestically to New York, Mississippi, Missouri, Iowa, and New Mexico. Her top travel goal, inspired by her grandparents, is to visit 100 countries and all 50 states in the United States!

Did You Know?

Alexis petted a tiger while more than seven other tigers walked around her in a closed area.