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Arjun Singh Chauhan

Resident Director, Manipal

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Traveler • Outdoor Enthusiast • Cook • Sports Fan

I love to educate and help students to understand other cultures and religions. I like to interact with students and help them with their questions, curiosities, adaptation, etc. When a student leave my room with a satisfied smile, that is a delighted moment of my day. I feel that  IFSA-Butler study abroad programs offer all of us a platform to educate and guide the coming generations; this global experience and knowledge will help them to create a better world.


Arjun graduated from Delhi University with a bachelor's degree in Tourism.

Travel Experience

One of Arjun's most meaningful experiences abroad was traveling to Vietnam for a conference on student affairs, diversity and inclusion within study abroad. These workshops deepened his understanding of student expectations, gender and identity issues and group dynamics.

Did You Know?

Arjun is certified as a NOLS wilderness first responder and has led numerous expeditions in India.