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Heather Gregg Reed

Director of Alumni Outreach


Start Date

September 2009


Theatre artist • Mom • Trivia nerd • Amateur baker and rapper

I connect very deeply with our commitment to making an enduring impact. Seeing a student's initial spark of interest in studying abroad and then watching it come full circle as they return home is very fulfilling. I love engaging alumni in Digital Storytelling and other avenues for creative reflection post-study abroad.


BFA in Theatre for Youth from Shenandoah Conservatory

Travel Experience

The most obvious would be my own study abroad experience as an IFSA-Butler student in Northern Ireland. It completely shifted how I viewed my own field of study (theatre and education) and it altered my entire career trajectory.

Did You Know?

I spend several weeks every summer putting my degree to use by collaborating with a team of performing artist on youth theatre productions. We mount each show in one week -- building sets, costumes, rehearsing, everything -- and it's a wonderful way to bring youth and professional artists together. My favorite adventures with my team have included building a 40 foot spider web for Charlotte's Web, devising an original percussive score for The Jungle Book, and watching it snow on our steampunk set for The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe.