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Heather Young

Associate Director for Academic Affairs


Start Date

October 2017


• World Wanderer • Tree Hugger • Bookworm • Gardener • Cat Woman • Empath

IFSA-Butler is life changing. Experiences abroad like the ones IFSA-Butler offers are not only fun, academically rigorous and career focused, they change your outlook and perspective on life and the opportunities available to you. IFSA-Butler will leave a handprint on your soul and your future.


Heather earned her undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Spanish with a minor in Latin American Studies from the University of Kentucky and later, while she was an active Teach for America corps member, she earned her Master’s Degree in Teaching from Marian University. Both her undergraduate and Master’s Theses explored the effects of perceived discrimination on the academic self-efficacy in elementary school children.

Travel Experience

Heather has traveled in many different capacities and been to more than 30 countries so far with many more on her bucket list. She studied abroad in Morelia, Mexico, which forever solidified her love for Latin America and the Spanish language, taught English as New Language and lived in South Korea, and followed her wanderlust to many more destinations worldwide. Her next goal is to get to all the continents in the next 10 years!

Did You Know?

I have a deep love for Woolly Worms and will literally stop and let them cross the road during the fall when they come out of hiding for their fun in the sun. #ibreakforwoollyworms