Isabel Yevenes's headshot

Isabel Yevenes

Resident Director, Santiago, Chile

Start Date

June 2000


Caring, Funny, Hard worker

International education is the key for understanding the world, and I love being a part of the intercultural journey of my students, along with being a mentor to them I enjoy learning from them


Isabel's undergraduate degree is in the Pedagogy of History, Geography, and Civic Education. As a master's student, she studied International Studies with an emphasis on Latin American thought. Isabel has a certificate in Latin American Studies and currently is completing a Certificate in Migration and Current Challenges for Socio—Cultural Integration.

Travel Experience

My most rewarding travels have been those in which I have had the opportunity to reunite with former students and hear about how they have successfully incorporated into their lives what they learned while abroad.

Did You Know?

Former students used to call me Mary Poppins because I always had a solution for their problems and I participated in two versions of the Summit of the Americas, and APEC (Asian—Pacific Economic Forum) held in Santiago, as part of the governmental group in charge of international journalists and correspondents. In the same position I also worked at President Ricardo Lagos inauguration in 2010