Jennifer McKibben's headshot

Jennifer McKibben

Assistant Director of Student Services. Program Advisor for IFSAOnline, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, England, Mexico, Peru, and Scotland


Start Date

January 2016

Academic Focus

Language and Literature, Social Sciences


Pura Vida • Star Gazer • Amante del Español • Curly-Hair-Don't-Care • Grammar Freak • Ice Cream Enthusiast

As an alumna of IFSA-Butler Costa Rica, I enjoy working with students to help make their plans of studying abroad become a reality with the same organization that had a great impact on my life. The mesh of cultures in Latin America means there is always more to learn!


Jennifer got her undergraduate degree in Spanish and Communication Sciences and Disorders at Butler University. Continuing with her love for the Spanish language, she then went on to get her Masters in English-Spanish Translation from Universidad Nacional in Heredia, Costa Rica.

Travel Experience

Jennifer lived in Costa Rica for four years before returning to Indianapolis. This independent experience abroad gave her a greater understanding of culture and what it is like to live in a country different from your native home. Bonus: She met her tico husband there, too!

Did You Know?

Jennifer tried to teach herself Croatian in junior high. Other than 'Bok' (hi), nothing else stuck. She later found she had a much better knack for learning Spanish, which has come in handy.