Jon Erickson's headshot

Jon Erickson

Marketing Content & Event Manager

(317) 940-9763

Start Date

July 2018


Realistic Perfectionist, Sigma Chi, Camper, Adobe InDesign Guru


Having always been able to work with students and their advisors, I’ve been honored to be part of their lives, teach them and learn from them, and help them find their passion

Prior to IFSA

Until joining the IFSA team, Jon worked for Herff Jones initially as a yearbook sales representative in El Paso and the Seattle area, later in yearbook marketing and professional development, and finally in the company’s College Division.

Travel Experience

Jon didn't have the opportunity to study abroad in college, which motivates him to encourage other students the opportunity he never had. He is well-versed in domestic travel however, having visited nearly every major U.S. city, visiting 40 of the 50 U.S. states, four Canadian provinces, and most of the beachside hot spots in Mexico.

Did You Know?

Jon’s favorite movie is E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. Besides having 100s of movie collectibles, all his pets are named after the movie’s characters. And if you think about it, E.T. really is the ultimate study abroad story.