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Maria Keane

Resident Director, Ireland

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Antique Browser • Food Tourist • Sea Lover • Control Freak

"Why IFSA? I ask myself that question lots during the hectic orientation period! But I wouldn't want any other job. I manage a fantastic team who work very hard every day to ensure all our students have the support they need to have a meaningful study abroad experience. I get to have input into the design of new programs and use my experience to craft new ways to study abroad in Ireland."


Maria studied Criminology and Social Policy in England, and has a Post-Graduate in Education from Trinity College Dublin.

Travel Experience

Maria spent five years travelling and working in eight countries in her early twenties. The experience of living far from home, without roots or loved-ones, taught her how important it is to make local connections and to understand local culture.

Did You Know?

Maria won a competition to train and perform as a clown with the Moldavian State Circus. She considers it the hardest day's work she has ever done!