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Mario Cantarini

Senior Resident Director, Argentina

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"What makes me passionate about my work can be traced back in my experience as a student in another country, which gave me most of the psychological, sociological background that is needed to work in the field. Often times I am asked what my job is in different circumstances and in particular by people who are far from the Study Abroad world and I can sum up my goals in a few words: I try to help to make my students become more complete, more integrated citizens of the world."


I graduated as a registered translator English-Spanish, at Universidad del Salvador and I studied law at Universidad de Buenos Aires. But both things are miles away from my inner self.

Travel Experience

When I became a professional in the field I translated one whole morning and I said to myself: this is not for me. So, I left for Europe and I did what my students do today: Study Abroad. But the only minute difference is that I did it on my own. I saved money and paid for it. In London I worked and studied literature, linguistics, and many other things connected with linguistics and it is there that I found what I liked: how to learn how to teach my own language. I studied hard and worked hard for years. Eventually I designed a method of teaching my own language which proved quite successful and has been used by many institutions both in Argentina and abroad. I had the chance to continue working on this when I became director of the School of Modern Languages at Universidad del Salvador. I also worked at Universidad de Buenos Aires in the same field.

Did You Know?

My routine now is walking and swimming. I walk everywhere in Buenos Aires. I practically never take public transportation which helps my health. Walking is an excellent exercise for those whose work is sitting at a desk all day thinking of ways to solve other people's issues. Swimming is also a good therapy too. And I play the piano. I know I will never be a good pianist but sitting at my piano is the most wonderful moment of the day, no matter what results I get. Ah, and I love reading as I said before. Two of my favourite writers are from Indianapolis: Kurt Vonnegut and John Kennedy Toole.